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April 3, 2003

Updated Thu, Apr 03, 2003 - 10:43pm ET

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Tori Amos comes to Boise

James Patrick Kelly, The Arbiter
April 03, 2003

Tumultuous songstress Tori Amos is bringing her Steinway piano and company of musicians to the Morrison Center Sunday night.

Amos, who is currently on her "Scarlet's Walk" tour, recently released her Epic Records' debut and seventh studio effort after a reported fallout with Atlantic Records.

Over the last decade, Amos' unique music styling has garnered her an ardent following of fans, called Toriphiles. Her piano-based sound seems to constantly evolve -- always changing from album to album. She has two platinum recordings, 1994's Under The Pink and 1996's Boys For Pele.

In 2001, Amos released Strange Little Girls, an eclectic album of covers, including The Boomtown Rats' "I Don't Like Mondays" and Neal Young's "Heart Of Gold."

Amos, originally from Newton, N.C., first hit the scene in 1988 after her hard rock band, Y Kant Tory Read, released their ill-fated self-titled album, which sold a dismal 7,000 copies. She admits that her earlier work was an Atlantic Records studio concoction. Amos described the album as "Madonna and Kate Bush in a head-on collision after eating bad mushrooms."

Her 1991 debut as Tori Amos, Little Earthquakes, was widely accepted by American listeners after receiving rave reviews in England, where it was first released.

In 1992, she recorded Crucify, a five-song album that showed her diverse nature as a musician. The album included a haunting cover of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and an ethereal version of Led Zeppelin's "Thank You."

In the new millennium, Amos is just as prolific as she was in the '90s, and her sound matures with each new release -- proving that she can stand the test of time in America's fickle music industry.

Tori Amos is coming to the Morrison Center on Sunday, April 6 with special guest Rhett Miller. Tickets are available at all Select-a-Seat locations or online at

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