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Small Tori article from New York Magazine
March 17, 2003

Updated Fri, Mar 21, 2003 - 6:18pm ET

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Thanks to Debbie Tinnirello, Nicole and Amanda Huges for first telling me about this. The following appeared in the March 17, 2003 issue of New York Magazine in the Intelligencer (gossip) section:

COOKIE MONSTER: Add Tori Amos to the list of celebs with a kooky demand or two. While we weren?t surprised to hear that she asked for water and tulips in her dressing room when she recently filmed a concert for the Oxygen network (airing March 16) at the Chelsea Market, we chuckled over her third request: two boxes of Famous Amos?get it??chocolate-chip cookies. That was 500 cookies for a two- hour gig.

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