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Some Tori videos listed for VH1 Classic's Pay-To-Play

Updated Sat, Oct 22, 2005 - 5:58am ET

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Thanks to Lorna Immel for telling me about this. VH1 Classic is raising funds for MercyCorps in aiding Hurricane Katrina/Rita victims by airing Pay-to-Play Request Hours. The following Tori videos are available for "purchase" at

The Big Picture (Y Kant Tori Read)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (Bottom Line performance)
Silent All These Years
Sleeps With Butterflies

Viewers wishing to participate should read the details carefully at the web site. Donors purchasing songs at certain $ levels are eligible to receive exclusive artwork by artist Peter Max for their efforts. This is a good idea for any Toriphiles who are wondering what else they can do to help raise funds for the relief efforts, which are still very much needed.

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