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Comments about Tori's August 19, 2005 Holmdel, NJ concert and a short interview with The Ditty Bops at

Updated Tue, Aug 23, 2005 - 6:57pm ET

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Melissa Scruggs and Steven told me about some comments on Tori's August 19, 2005 show in Holmdel, NJ that were posted on August 21, 2005 at They also have a short interview with The Ditty Bops.

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A Sorta Tori-tale: Part Dos

Unlike Garbage, we're not happy when it rains, and neither is Tori Amos. The goddess' show at the PNC Bank Arts Center was marred by a technical problem that saw her leave the stage for about twenty-five minutes, two songs into her set. And then, halfway through the show, Tori's inner lioness came out when she told a PNC employee bussling about backstage to "Shut the fuck up. You're in my light!"

Despite these little snafus, Tori was on-point, delivering a solid set (full list after the jump) that included some of our most-cherished Amos songs, Little Earthquakes, Northern Lad, China and 1,000 Oceans. Plus, she totally killed with a cover of Prince's Purple Rain.

Opening the show was The Like, a Sleater-Kinney rip-off, fresh out of high school, that made us feel really old.

And, by far, the highlight of the evening was getting to see our friends Abby & Amanda aka The Ditty Bopps, who delivered a solid set that won them a bunch of new fans, which will hopefully include you!

Hearkening back to the days of Vaudeville, the Ditty Bopps are a refreshing alternative to the overproduced and under-talented pop/rock stars of today. Check out their tunes here.

Though we have interviewed the Ditty Bops before for, we wanted to ask them a few follow-up questions after we had a chance to absorb Friday night's show. Here they are.

How's the tour been going thus far?

the tour is going well. so far we've been in the sweltering south and currently we are enjoying a week in NY. the venues are beautiful and the bands on the bill are great. Tori, of course, is an incredible performer and we are also playing with a band from LA called "The Like." Their album comes out this fall and they are a wonderful all girl rock and roll trio.

Have audiences been receptive?

sometimes when we start playing, the audiences aren't so sure what to make of us. we have 25 minutes to try to show them what we're about. it's fun when an audience has a shift and starts to embrace the music and the performance. lots of tori's fans are open to hearing different things and have been open to having fun with us.

Is there much if any interaction between you guys and Tori?

when we joined the tour Tori brought us a bottle of bubbly as a welcome gift, which was very thoughtful. we are traveling separately, so we aren't hanging out all the time, but she's been so sweet every time we see her.

[Image of the Ditty Bops with the ferociously talented Vag Davis via]

P.S. Thanks for the tickets girls! B.A. and I appreciate it.

Original Sinsuality
Father Lucifer
Little Earthquakes
Blood Roses
Yes, Anastasia
Northern Lad
Lovesong (Cure cover)
Purple Rain (Prince cover)
Cars And Guitars
Jamaica Inn
Taxi Ride
The Beekeeper

1st Encore

Here. In My Head

2nd Encore

1000 Oceans
Sweet The Sting

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