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Summer Of Sin Tour: The set list and reviews for Tori's August 8, 2005 concert in Atlanta, GA

Updated Mon, Aug 08, 2005 - 11:16pm ET

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You can now see the set list and reviews for the Atlanta, GA concert at the Chastain Park Amphitheatre. Tori set list included Sugar, Spark, Siren, Happy Phantom and the covers Georgia On My Mind and Drive (R.E.M.) during Tori's Piano Bar segment of the show. If you were at this concert and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments. You can also post your review of the show on The Dent's Summer Of Sin Tour Forum. Thanks for sharing your reviews with The Dent. Please feel free to review Tori's supporting acts as well!

More Details

Tori performed in Atlanta, GA on Monday, August 8, 2005 at the Chastain Park Amphitheatre. Tori's supporting acts were The Ditty Bops and The Like and the show began at 8:00PM.

Set List

Special thanks to Matt Page for calling me with the set list after the show!

Original Sinsuality
Father Lucifer
Cloud On My Tongue
Barons Of Suburbia
Playboy Mommy

Georgia On My Mind (Written by Stuart Gorrell)
Drive (R.E.M. cover)

Cars and Guitars
Northern Lad
The Beekeeper

1st Encore

Happy Phantom
Your Cloud

2nd Encore

Sweet The Sting


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page. If you were at this show and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments.

You can also go to the Summer Of Sin Concert Review Forum and post about your experiences as well, or read additional reviews.

From Matt Page:

Tori's voice was absolutely beautiful during the first show of the Summer Of Sin tour! She hit all the high notes and sounded unbelievably fantastic.

There was a lot of rain in Atlanta, and so lots of water songs came out. It rained really hard before the show, but did not really rain while Tori was on stage.

Sounds like a great beginning to the tour!

From Alisha:

Tori soundchecked cloud on my tongue, part of cooling, sugar, ireland, crucify, spark, playboy mommy, the first verse of beekeeper, and parts of barons of suburbia.

There was a lengthy improv before crucify and one before sweet the sting as well. the sweet the sting one was top notch. she messed up lyrics on happy phantom and laughed about it and made one of the cutest faces when she sang "and i will never need umbrellas in the rain." she looked out and saw all the umbrellas and laughed and sang it again. very cute.

From Megan:

Tori's performance followed her written set list exactly.

From Stephen:

Last night's show was absolutely incredible! Tori's performance was much more intense than it was at the shows that I saw back in April. She was in a very fiery mood. I was worried that the show would be cut short due to an hour delay because of a huge thunderstorm that lasted about 45 minutes; however, Tori came out late but went past 11 and played a full set.

Original Sinsuality: Truly amazing. I thought I would be disappointed if she didn't change her opening song but I wasn't when I heard this. She was much more into it than at April's shows. (piano)

Crucify: Started on the organ with an amazing (and seemingly very long) improv. It was a very intense performance and one of the (many) highlights for me. (piano/Hammond)

Sugar: She started this by saying something like "this little one hasn't been played all tour so I'm going to play her now." It was unbelievable, she played the full "plugged version" and I think she might have lost her body weight in drool during this song. (piano)

Father Lucifer: Being that this is one of my top 5 Tori songs, I am always excited to hear this one. It was a very well played performance complete with the flip-off during the bridge. (piano)

Cloud On My Tongue: Incredibly beautiful, I always love this song. The final "circles" bridge seemed to go on longer than normal, but I'm not sure. (piano)

Barons of Suburbia: I saw her play this in April in Chicago which was the first time she had ever played it live. I thought that it couldn't be topped but I was proven very wrong. This was an absolute highlight of the show and those that say "demon Tori" is gone should have seen her during the "piecing a potion" was unbelievably intense and I thought she might burst a blood vessel! (piano/Hammond)

Playboy Mommy: I adore this song so it was great to hear. Very emotional. (Fender Rhodes)

Georgia On My Mind: Tori did a wonderful job on this one. She was really into it and both her singing and playing were very intense. There was a wonderful piano solo in the middle. (Piano)

Drive: A huge crowd pleaser! She did a great job on this one even though it is not one of my favorite songs. (piano)

Cars and Guitars: I love this song, so it was great to hear it again. It was a great performance and Tori was very cute as she played it. (Piano)

Spark: An absolute highlight of the night for me. This was amazing and the lighting was perfect during the verses! This was truly incredible!! (Piano/Hammond)

Northern Lad: Very well performed and emotional (Piano)

Siren: I almost died when she played this! It was absolutely amazing and another highlight for me (Piano)

The Beekeeper: This is by far the best version of this song I have heard. I cannot wait to hear a recording of is too bad that people are already planning how they are going to rush the stage during this emotional song because it can be very distracting. Still, it was amazing and one of the most intense performances of the night (2nd Hammond)

Happy Phantom: Very funny and cute. Tori forgot the words to the final verse and accidentally started with "I will never need umbrellas in the rain" instead of "Or will I see you dear and wish I could come back." She then said "Oh fuck!" and tried to start over but couldn't remember the lyrics so she finished the verse with an improv about "remembering her fucking words" (Piano)

Your Cloud: Gorgeous and very emotional (Piano)

Sweet The Sting: Very sexy! Tori started with a sort-of improv about "it" being illegal in the state of Georgia. She was very into this one and once again drooled a lot. (piano)

Cooling: One of my favorites, this was a perfect closer and was very emotional. (piano)

From Remark:

Simply BRILLIANT show tonight! This was definitely the best show Tori's had in Atlanta in the past 3 years. Her voice was over the top. She hit all the high notes exceptionally well, and every note stood out on almost every song.

It did rain a lot in Atlanta, so she played several songs that referenced rain...'Your Cloud', 'Northern Lad', 'Happy Phantom', and 'Father Lucifer'. Tori seemed very giddy/happy tonight, smiling a lot and very animated. She had a funny story during Tori's Piano Bar about Georgia being the only state with a song she could actually sing as a request! So great. During the encores, she had a very interesting story-song intro before 'Sweet the Sting', where it sounded like she was talking about speaking to people's mothers. She kept singing something about "illegal illegal" too when everyone rushed the stage right before she started singing. It was great!

Highlights included 'Crucify', completely different than what I have heard before. This time it was all deep and church-like because the main verses were sung on the organ. 'Barons of Suburbia' was incredible, she used the organ in a different way and it sounded more like a calliope! The end was particularly moving, with her singing full-throttle with "Piecing a potion to combat your poison". Amazing! 'Sugar' was played for the first time on the tour, and it was gorgeous. 'Spark' was haunting and wonderful, and 'Northern Lad' was very moving and emotional. By far my favorite of the night, though, was 'Siren'--it was so energetic, so dark, so riveting...Tori was so moved by it that when the song was over, she literally fell back on to the piano bench. FANTASTIC!

An amazing way to kick off this leg of the tour for sure!

From Nathan Chastain:

Meet & Greet -One of the very best meet and greets I have ever attended! Thecrowd was very compliantwith meet and greet guidelines and from whatI can tell, there were absolutely no complaints. I was wearing my"Honey" shirt and when it was my turn she said "Hi Honey!" and of course this got a few laughs out of the crowd. Tori then asked "Is that a request or is that what they call you" and I said kind of tongue in cheek "Both". We talked about "Honey" for awhile and she said "She gets talked about a lot around here". There is so much more that was said about the song but, I am not going to bore people with the long drawn out version! Also, I reminded her that 9 years prior to the exact day, she had played in the same venue on the "Dew Drop Inn Tour"- as it was the very first time I seen Miss Tori in concert and she seemed to somewhat amused with that fact.

Soundcheck -
1. Cloud On My Tongue (about a 12 - 14minuet version of it as she was repeating parts)
2. Cooling
3. Sugar
4. Crucify
5. Spark
6. Barons Of Suburbia
7. New Song (I caught some lyrics and this is all I was able to come up with as I was hearing it - "Crystaline" - although it certainly wasn't "Carbon", "my soul, my savior" and the last line being "you're so vain" although nothing else sounded remotely like the Carly Simon song)
8. Playboy Mommy
9. The Beekeeper
10. Ireland (which, in my opinion was absolutely gorgeous versus the album version!)

Show -
The show was absolutely wonderful despite it raining before Tori came on. The show seemed to revolve around the theme of clouds, rain and the South. Seemingly, Tori seemed to be in a good mood while onstage and was somewhat playful with the crowd. I felt the highlights of the show were "Your Cloud", "Siren" and "Northern Lad" as all three were stunning and beautiful. There were two improvs - one before "Crucify" that I wrote down as being the "Lights" improv and one before "Sweet The Sting" that was pretty funny as she kept saying the word "Illegal". Overall, the show was a great show!

From toriMODE/Ron:


Kelly and I left from Birmingham at 3:30 p.m. central time, and we got into Atlanta at 7 p.m. eastern time. When we got into the downtown area it was raining heavily with lots of thundering and lightning. We pulled up at the venue, and the water was up half-way people's car wheels. It was flooding everywhere. Kelly and I kept a light attitude about the situation and made jokes about Tori's Bosie floating away in the waters. We sat in my car for about an hour and finally the rain eased up some, and we walked to the front entrance and stood out there for a few minutes before they opened the gates. While standing there I saw Berry, Luke, John, Steve, Robert, Josh, Dor, and a few other people that I've met before. We got in and I got a water (like I needed anymore..LOL) and we talked with Luke for a bit, and then went to find our seats. I knew the general location of them, on the very left side of the venue, but the seat numbers weren't correlating near 141 and 143, so we went around the world to get to our seats, and on the way I stepped in a huge puddle of water in one of the aisles, and now my feet/shoes/socks were soaked. Par for the course I guess. I went to this concert knowing it would probably be the worst Tori concert experience ever, solely b/c I hate Chastain amphitheater, and it having rained added to all that. We got to our seats. Wasn't very pleased, b/c I knew we'd see Tori's back the majority of the time. The seats were wet of course, but I sat down in it anyway. Saw my good friend Andy sitting in a couple of rows ahead of us. The set backdrop was new, with cartoon looking Garden of Eden where sin takes place. A bitten heart-apple, the snake wrapped around the tree of life, and the usual hexagon light screen to the very left, which hid itself from our view. Luckily, there were the two big screens on either side of the stage, so that allowed us to see Tori's facial expressions during the show. The Like did not perform at our show, and therefor the Ditty Bops came out later than usual, for an opening act, and performed a very short set of probably 5 songs. Very acoustic/violin, up-right instrument, lead vocalist with pink hair. Think of a cheap imitation of Alison Krauss and Union Station from Los Angeles. I didn't really enjoy their set very much. Not long after, Tori came on stage in her usual Japanese get-up with long hair/extensions, and started into the OST staple of Original Sinsuality...

ORIGINAL SINSUALITY - Tori played a very dark introduction to the song for a good while, and then started into the main portion of the song, and it still reminds me of Jewel's "Foolish Games." She's really slowed down the song since the European leg of the OST, and it sounded much different than when I heart it in Atlanta just this past April. Because of it being slowed down, it loses it's momentum and the Yaldaboath parts aren't as edgie or powerful.

IMPROV/CRUCIFY - She started into this amazing really long improv that I was thinking could have been a song in itself, or a new song, that she was debuting. I kept listening for musical hints as to what song it could have been an improv too, but there were none there, and that's why I was thinking it was a brand new song. She was playing on the hammond during this I believe, and then she started into Crucify, and the crowd cheered. It was good hearing Crucify again, and this version is not as great as previous ones, but it was still very strong, and it makes me think of all the changing Tori has gone through since the time of this song's birth in 1991.

SUGAR - Tori prefaced this song saying she was going to do a song she hadn't done yet on this tour, and here I was thinking she was going to debut some rare song, but she went into this instead, and I am a huge Sugar-Lover, so I was satiated getting this song again, but Tori tricked me into getting my hopes up high only for a sugar rush. This version was also very slow, and lacked momentum and edge. Wasn't as angsty or forceful. Probably the least favorite version of Sugar I've heard Live. Even the Strange Little Tour version in New Orleans that I heard was much stronger than this version.

FATHER LUCIFER - "You always did prefer the drizzle to the rain", very fitting song for lastnight's show's theme, and this did start the theme of the show's setlist. She of course shot a bird during the girls that eat pizza and never gain weight part. I'd say this version is the *diet* version compared to the '99 & '02-03 chunky and plentiful versions. Still good stuff!

CLOUD ON MY TONGUE - This being only the 2nd time I've heard this song live, the first being in Atlanta during the 5.5 Weeks Tour, I didn't want to hear this song again, because I know the "circles and circles" part is drawn out to the max, and it does nothing for me. But for some odd reason, it fit tonight. She added "Jude Law" to the ending of the lyric "hard to hide a hundred girls in your hair," which as Kelly tells me he's been a bad boy in the tabloids lately, so it made more sense to me in retrospect. The song also applied to my personal love life in ways, with subtle taps as "I'll be wearing your tattoo" and "I'm already in circles and circles again."

BARONS OF SUBURBIA - I recognized this one fairly quickly when Tori started into it. It's not one of my favorites from The Beekeeper album, but the song is meant to be played Live, and I'm glad I got to hear it on this tour. I had "piecing a potion to combat your poison" in my head over and over one morning before I woke up, and I guess the song pronounced itself into my physical world of reality now. The ending wasn't as strong as I was hoping for, but it was still appreciated.

PLAYBOY MOMMY - Kelly and I had talked about this song earlier on our way to Atlanta, saying that we didn't really care to hear this song AGAIN, although it is one of my all-time favorite songs. I felt that Tori kind of let her hair down, and was very down-to-earth during her vocal stylings during this show's performance. I remember green lights on stage, and she played it solely on the Rhodes keyboard. We of course screamed during "from here to Birmingham, I got a few friends" as did many other people scattered in the venue.

- - Tori's Piano Bar - -

GEORGIA ON MY MIND - Tori said that it was good that she was playing in Georgia, b/c she didn't have a problem finding a song that would fit, and that she had problems in Florida b/c she couldn't play Jimmy Buffet very well. I'm surprised Tori played this, after knocking it at the April Atlanta show, making it sound like a song she detested to play. So it's like she ate her words and did this song to suck up to the audience lastnight, and of course everyone ate it up, and applauded afterwards like mad. It was a pretty cover, but I was still rolling my eyes during it.

DRIVE - Debut of Tori's cover of a great R.E.M. song. I use to be a big R.E.M. fan when I first went to Auburn for college, and I've visited Athen's Georgia a few times, and have a great respect for their music, so hearing this cover was very meaningful and made up for the lackluster previous cover. Kelly and I really enjoyed it. Tori got louder and louder as she progressed into the song. The audience loved it!

CARS AND GUITARS - I hadn't heard this one Live yet, so hearing it was welcomed, but the ch-ch's at the beginning and during the song, are something I'm surprised that Tori can do without laughing at herself, or even cracking a smile! It's pretty funny, but laughing aside, the song means a lot to me now, b/c I can relate to it a good deal. The small things such as the cars and guitars are trivial when you're talking about the broader scheme of things in a very complicated relationship. I really love her explanation of the song during the BKPR dvd, and I'm glad we got to hear it lastnight. Very applicable to my current life. Gotta love that Tori can insprire and influence and even touch you with her songwriting.

SPARK - Kelly and I were kind of dumbfounded, when we were trying to figure out the song, and I finally could hear the music of "she's addicted to nicotine patches" before Tori started actually singing, and I grabbed Kelly's elbow, and was like "It's Spark! It's Spark!" Tori had wanted to hear this one again for a very long time, so I'm glad we got it. Lots of back and forth from hammond to Bosie action going on here, but the piano playing isn't as tight as it use to be, it seems. The song was still a great high-light of the show for us.

NORTHERN LAD - If you study set lists, then you know that usually Cars and Guitars and Northern Lad or played in a couplet, so I didn't expect to hear this one since Spark came after C&G's. We had never heard this one Live before, and it's another Choirgirl song, so I was excited I had been listening to it when Kelly got to my house earlier yesterday. And the key theme of "you're only wet b/c of the rain" came to Chastian lastnight, making us all wet. Another personal and meaningful song performed lastnight, that I was grateful for hearing.

SIREN - We had another one of those guess which song this is moments, but it lasted forever, until I finally realized it was Siren. It's just so slowed down compared to other versions, it was that hard to identify. But once I knew what it was and told Kelly, we two very happy people. She did a lot of things with her voice that I didn't think she would still do for this song, but she did them, and the ending was so strong, that this song became the #1 highlight of the show for me lastnight.

THE BEEKEEPER - An OST staple, played again. I can understand why tour regulars would get tired of hearing this night after night, b/c it is such an exorcism for Tori, and it is very long. But I think it's a nice dark element added to the show, and I was glad to hear it again. Still remains to be my favorite song off The Beekeeper album.

First Encore:

HAPPY PHANTOM - One of those Little Earthquakes songs I had never heard live, and I remember the days riding in the night in my friend Hunter's Explorer at college and singing the high parts really loud to each other, and laughing. This song is a nice contrasting song from the previous The Beekeeper song, and "for a girl who hates to SIN" was punctuated effectively for this tour's name by Tori. She of course messed up a couple of times, saying fuck! and it was odd that it occurred during the "I will never need UMBRELLAS in the rain" part of the song.

YOUR CLOUD - Instantly recognized this one, and it ended the 2003 Lottapiano's Atlanta show at this same exact venue at almost the same time of the year, and I predicted that this would probably come out. It's a nice Scarlet's Walk song, but definitely not a favorite. I paid close attention to the performance, and I just got the idea of going against the grain, hence the "Horizontal" lines, which would go against the vertical rain, and having to make the decison of picking out your cloud, your life, your course in direction, when you don't really feel like the decision should be made at that time.

Second Encore:

SWEET THE STING - Never heard this one either Live, and it's my 3rd favorite from The Beekeeper, so I was glad to get it. Tori started into her improv'ing that she normall does for "sexy sexy down down", but instead something was going on in the PIT section with flashlights and security, so we got "it's a illegal illegal illegal" improv, about going to the Mother of the man, who made up rules" It was very patriarchial condemnation sounding--the content of the improv, but it was very witty and sexy at the same time. The song itself was another highlight of the show. I thought all the "S" songs were paticularly good during the show, and made the show very steamy for a summer night.

COOLING - Kind of rolled my eyes at hearing this song again Live, but I was thinking about my guy's sister when she started into it, and I've really been feeling this song a lot lately. Hit close to home, this is cooling faster than I can, and feeling out of control, having no control on any matter in life, and life goes on anyway, whether it's the way you like it or not. I wouldn't say this was the best show closer, but it left the audience in an emotional mood. You got your steamy Sweet the Sting, and you got your cool Cooling.

I left the show feeling very pleased with the set list. I heard a lot of songs I hadn't heard before, and the ones I heard again, were ones that I somewhat liked anyway. The audience was pretty tamed, and not as rowdy as I thought they would be for an outdoor concert. I saw a new Tori poster that I wanted, but I didn't get, but I will order it online. I'm glad the rain held off during most of Tori's show. Lastnight was probably the last time I will get a chance to see her until she tours again for the next album probably in 2007.

From Scott K:

I just wanted to help fill in some details about the improvs and "speeches" from the recent Atlanta show.

Before Crucify, Tori played a long musical and vocal improv. I don't think it was a new song; it was more of a greeting to us at the beginning of this leg of the tour. She sang something like "We've traveled far to get here, we've all come together, we've seen terror, we've seen love," etc, etc. It was kind of a summary of what has been going on since she's been in the States.

Before the Piano Bar, she talked for a while about the fact that in Georgia she was able to honor requests of songs written by "local boys." And how in Florida she just can't because she can't play Jimmy Buffett. Someone must have requested "Freebird" because Tori stopped and said "Freebird? Suck mine!" The audience, of course, cheered at her response. I thought it was interesting that she also referred to Tori's Piano Bar as "the moment you've all been waiting for." Then she went into a very beautiful version of "Georgia on my Mind" and a very feisty, haunting version of "Drive" one of my favorite R.E.M. songs, and if I'm not mistaken, one of T's favorite songs of all time.

Of course the mistakes during Happy Phantom were adorable. She screamed, "Oh, fuck!" and then giggled a bit. She tried again but still couldn't remember, so she just went on "I'd better take my [some prescription drug] so I don't forget my fucking words" and then into the chorus.

The "Sweet the Sting" improv was one of the wittiest, sexiest things I have seen Tori do. She played a smooth jazzy riff and talked about being in Georgia "where it's illegal, illegal, illegal . . ." I'm still not sure what she was talking about, gay marriage or pot smoking of something else, I don't know. Anyway, she made a point to say, "GIRLS, when those BOYS try to tell you it's illegal, illegal, illegal . . . you stand up for yourself and you ask them why. You tell them 'You're not my mother. You're not Sophia.'" Then she talked about how people use God to justify making unfair laws. And that if they use that logic, to tell them "I want to speak to his [God's] mother . . . EVERYBODY has a mother. Why? Because it's illegal, illegal, illegal . . . ." Then she went into a very sultry and slow Sweet the Sting.

From Jim:

Atlanta was definitely one of the best shows I have seen. I have never seen her play solo before, so I was a little excited before the show started. I was there when they originally opened the doors and we all had to get off our seats and underneath the "small" roofs on either side of the venue for fear of lightning strikes.

I could not have been happier with the set list. I've never seen Sugar or Northern Lad played live so these were definitely highlights for me. I love Barons from the album and almost peed myself when I heard it being played, especially during the potions part toward the end. I was a little dissapointed when I heard the intro for the Beekeeper, but once I heard her voice during it, I completely changed my mind. It was obvious that she got very into the song and watching her face on the screens during it was truly amazing.

Now having seen her with and without the band, my preference is without, but I wish it would have been at an indoor venue. The crowd was pleasant enough - but you had those few who kept getting up to go get more alcohol, or the ones dancing in the isles and the ones who talked through the entire thing. Luckily there were plenty of empty seats because fans would not sit still that I just kept moving closer and closer to the stage between songs. If she is going to play solo, it would definitely need to be indoors. The setting is more intimate, which I assume is what she tries to do playing solo.

From Trey Bunn:

Everyone else has pretty much said everything I would have about this show in the posted reviews so far (minus the annoying screeching lady yelling at everyone during the pre-show thunderstorm to STAY OUT OF THE SEATING AREA! YOU'RE ENDANGERING YOUR LIFE! and the beauty of the post-thunderstorm humid experience of watching the sky clear up, the bats circle around, and the crescent moon set in the western sky), so I won't waste time writing about things I already agree with. There is one thing I'll comment on, though, that hasn't been mentioned yet:

One of the things that annoyed me (both during the opening act and the show itself) was how much people in the audience were constantly getting up and walking around (getting drinks, going to pee, leaving early, whatever). Maybe it's just because our seats were on the left terrace and we had a full view of the amphitheatre that I noticed it more than other shows, but for a while, it reminded me of how rude Atlanta audiences tend to be. (Anyone remember the fight that broke out in the balcony at the Fox in 1998? Or the screaming drunk girl at the show earlier this year that Tori told off? "The Motley Crue show is across the fucking way!") But when this song started (late in the show, by the way) and I thought about the bee imagery of Tori's latest album, I was suddenly struck with the image of a beehive. The queen bee at the center, and all the drones buzzing around the honeycombs. So then, the milling around of the crowd no longer annoyed me. It was like Tori was the queen bee at the stage in the middle, and all of the people constantly moving around were the worker bees. Interesting. Okay, so maybe I was just punch drunk from a lack of sleep and exhaustion by this point.

All in all, though, this was one of the best Tori shows I've ever seen (her mess-ups during "Happy Phantom" were absolutely adorable), and I'm so glad I was there.

From Jules:

I was at the Tori Amos Atlanta show and she was amazing.  I read the reviews and I agree that the concert was Tori at her very best.  I noticed some confusion about the “illegal” improvisation segment.  I think Tori  was referring to the fact that the music must stop at 11 at that particular venue.  She probably had to pay a fine and all that just to satisfy her fans.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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