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Six live bootleg recordings are to be officially released by Tori this year!

Updated Mon, Aug 08, 2005 - 8:51pm ET

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A news item posted to has announced some very exciting news! states:

After years of paying top dollar for low quality bootlegs, Tori Amos diehards now have an alternative. Six live bootleg recordings are set to be released this fall. The first two releases are scheduled for an August 30th release, with four more due this fall. All six discs will be available exclusively at

The news item goes on to say that each bootleg is a double-disc package with live rarities, fan favorites and cover versions. Each set was recorded live during Tori's "Original Sinsuality Tour". The first album features songs captured during Tori's April 15, 2005 concert at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago, IL. The second album was recorded April 25, 2005 at Royce Hall Auditorium in Los Angeles, CA

You can pre-order both of these initial released NOW at for $25. If you order by August 24, 2005, the CDs will be shipped so that they arrive by August 30, 2005.

There is an article about this also at (Thanks Lanna!)

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