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A list of Tori's likes in Now Magazine in the U.K.

Updated Fri, Aug 05, 2005 - 9:35pm ET

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Roz and Dan have informed me that the latest issue of Now Magazine in the U.K. includes and article where Tori talks about what she likes. Unfortunately, I do not know the issue date of this article. You can read the article in the Dent's Article Archive.

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Here is the text of the article in Now Magazine:

-My favourite place is a world away from streetlights and close to nature. It doesn't matter if it's Cornwall or the tropics or the desert or in a forest.

-The one person I wish I could have met is American artist Georgia O'Keefe. She was a great visual artist and her work has been an inspiration to me throughout my life.

- I'm still a pushover for old Hollywood movies. I think Paul Newman and Elizabeth Taylor in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof can't really be topped when it comes to a glomourous pairing.

- Right now my favourite book is The Shamanic Way Of The Bee by Simon Buxton. The reader getsa great insight into the mysteries of the hive mind. The bee tradition of healing gives the gift of sacred sexuality, if you're willing to embrace the sting.

- I love big cats. I'm fascinated by the way lionesses can gently lick their cubs an clean them, then rip the throats out of a wilebeest or a hunter who might be threatening their young.

- The very first record I ever bought was probably Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles. But my fovourite album to listen to while I'm getting ready for a night out is a Marvin Gaye box set. I'd definitely recommend it.

- I really admire Mary Magdalene. Reading the gospel that was attributed to her has given me a fascinating historical insight into her plight and message.

- My favourite drink has to be homemade lemonade. The only esd to make it is with my mom's homegrown lemons from her own lemon tree back in Baltimore, USA.

- My husband (recording engineer Mark Hawley) is always guaranteed to make me laugh. I much prefer spending evenings home alone with him to going out on the town.

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