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Imogen Heap will definitely NOT be part of the Summer Of Sin Tour

Updated Wed, Jul 20, 2005 - 9:39pm ET

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We earlier reported that Tori's support acts for the Summer Of Sin tour would be The Ditty Bops and Imogen Heap. We now know for sure that Imogen Heap will not be part of the tour. Imogen posted this fact in her iblog on July 20, 2005. (Thanks to Clint for letting me know.) Imogen writes: know that Tori's not happening. I'm really sorry for anyone who's already bought tickets in the hope of catching me play. Some of you know I STILL haven't signed a licensing deal for the states yet (my goodness these things take time!) and it's now only 3 weeks until it would have kicked off. Also due to the exchange rate it's almost twice as expensive for a US label to fly me out as ususal and at the start of the album US campaign that is a lot of money gone... I am going to tour the States. YOU BET! I will make up for it. A little later in the year i'll be over there in some form or another and it'll make much more sense timing wise too. I hope you understand. I feel bad that i may have pissed off Tori too. I'm sure she'll understand. She's a Pro!

Therefore it appears that The Ditty Bops will be the only support act for Tori this summer, unless another one is quickly added in the next couple weeks.

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Posted by: Mikewhy

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