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Read a review of Tori's June 19, 2005 Copenhagen, Denmark show from the Danish music magazine Gaffa
June 20, 2005

Updated Thu, Jun 23, 2005 - 11:58pm ET

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The June 20, 2005 edition of the Danish music magazine Gaffa included a review of Tori's June 19, 2005 concert in Copenhagen, Denmark. Click to read an English translation of this review, which gave the show 6 out of 6 stars!

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Thanks to Ingeborg Karen for sending the English translation of this review to The Dent. You can read the original Danish article at This press review also includes some gorgeous photos of Tori from the concert taken by photographer Martin Rosenauer.

Tori Amos
Falconer Salen, Copenhagen
* * * * * * (6 out of 6 stars)

Amos was capable in every aspect to delight and seduce the crowd.

Tori Amos is properly the most important and most characteristic female American singer-songwriter in recent times, and she has throughout the years created a reputation for herself as an outstandingly good live-performer. Unfortunately we in Denmark have not particularly been blessed with many concerts with the redheaded minister's daughter, but that just makes the enthusiasm seem much greater for this long awaited visit, when Tori Amos last night visited Falconer Salen in Copenhagen.

The big room exuded of great expectations, and even though the sound between vocal and piano wasn't adjusted during the first song, this limp beginning only made the experience of the rest of the concert even better. Because even though Tori Amos appeared without her usual backing-band, she was capable in every aspect to delight and seduce the crowd.

Alone on stage with her classis Bsendorfer-piano and 3 other organ-like key-instruments, which she diligent commuted between both in between and during certain songs, the unique singer delivered a perfect setup, a potpourri of songs from the 7 regular studio albums in her carrier. Every song was supplied with refreshing and more or less equilibristic variants in the musical performance compared to the album versions and Amos' incredible faceted vocal, which spans over scratchy not-beautiful and spherically and as clear as a bell, never let the songs suffer because of the lack of instrumental inputs from the band. Quite the opposite gave the absence of the band the possibility to dive down completely into Amos' seductive musical universe, and the concert was an artistic redemption of the rare kind, for those, who go about in this universe on a daily basis, while outsiders haven't necessarily found the road to insight based on this concert.

The concert consisted of more or less a long row of heights, and pointing out the best ones will reflect each individual's personal preferences, but to make a daring try anyway will songs like "Winter", "Icicle" and the george Michael-cover "Father Figure" make a good guess. But the height of the night must be the last song in the suitable more than 2 hour long concert "Hey Jupiter". The extremely beautiful performance of this song, with a vocal that for a moment annulled the law of nature and broke up any sense of space, - and the plump experience of reality when the song ended seemed extremely insufficiently in comparable.

From here shall only words of praise be heard (if id didn't appear above), and a wish of another visit soon, to go by with that.

By: Michael Jensen

Posted by: Mikewhy

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