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Original Sinsuality Tour: The set list and reviews for Tori's May 8, 2005 concert in Sydney, Australia

Updated Sun, May 08, 2005 - 1:28pm ET

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You can now see the set list and reviews for the second Sydney, Australia concert at the Sydney Opera House. Tori set list included Martha's Foolish Ginger, Sleeps With Butterflies and the covers More Than A Woman (Bee Gees) and Need You Tonight (INXS) during Tori's Piano Bar segment of the show. If you were at this concert and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments. You can also post your review of the show on The Dent's Original Sinsuality Tour Forum. It would be nice to get as many different viewpoints about this show as possible!

More Details

Tori performed her second show in Sydney, Australia on Sunday, May 8, 2005 at the Sydney Opera House. Tori's special guest was Tyrone Noonan and the show started at 8:00PM.

Set List

Special thanks to Matt Page and Richard G. for calling me with the set list after the show!

Original Sinsuality
Little Amsterdam
Space Dog
Martha's Foolish Ginger

More Than A Woman (Bee Gees cover)
Need You Tonight (INXS cover)

Marys Of The Sea
Jackie's Strength
Spring Haze
The Beekeeper

1st Encore

Sleeps With Butterflies
Playboy Mommy

2nd Encore

The Power Of Orange Knickers
Putting The Damage On


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page. If you were at this show and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments.

You can also go to the Original Sinsuality Concert Review Forum and post about your experiences as well, or read additional reviews.

From Matt Page and Richard G.:

Tori played really well during her second night in Sydney, and performed a stronger show than the first night. She debuted Martha's Foolish Ginger for the current tour tonight, but the covers seemed to be the real highlight. She did More Than A Woman by the Bee Gees and Need You Tonight by INXS. Need You Tonight was one of Matt's favorite covers that Tori had done so far. It was completely amazing and was the highlight of the show for him. Tori sang in her low, sexy voice during the song, and at one point added her own words where it seems she was talking about INXS member Michael Hutchence.

Tori talked several times to the audience. After her initial g'day, she mentioned that it was Mother's Day and how Tash came up to her and said, "Happy Mother's Day Mummy." Matt also noticed that Tash was allowed to watch Tori perform about 4 songs from the upper balcony tonight.

Tori did have some technical difficulties tonight. She started giving the organ odd looks during Little Amsterdam. Then later before Marys Of The Sea, Tori finally realized that there was something wrong with the organ, and looked at Marcel in the back asking, "Is the organ fucked?" She actually cursed multiple times, and then said, "I hope my daughter is not in the audience now. She might repeat those words to her teacher and when the teacher will ask her where she got such language she will say "mummy" and I will have to say "Lying child". I am sure those are not Tori's exact words, but you get the idea. It was cute. She also said something like, "This is why we do soundchecks." The organ was then fixed.

Before Winter, Tori said something about the song not really being about mothers, but then said something about it being interesting how you can look at a picture and see different things in it.

Before More Than A Woman, she told the audience she needed to think about it for a minute since she was doing something new, and someone asked her if it would be by the Dixie Chicks, which she said it was not. As she began the second verse of that cover, she started singing in the wrong key and said, "Oops, fucked that."

It sounded like a wonderful show for her second evening in Sydney!

From Greg:

What an amazing show.... The first few songs were good, Winter was where she really seemed tobe on fire and form there it was stunning. It was classic how she stopped mid song for More Than a Woman and cursed about forgetting the key. Icicle and Space Dog one after the other was a killer one-two hit! Both wereincredible. Rattlesnakes is not a favourite but she did a great version of it.

Tori had big problems with the organ sound, as mentioned, prior to playing Marys of the Sea. She started to play it, then stopped andmentioned that the organ wasn't right. "As you can tell, this isn't my organ" she said. A girl in the audience yelled out "it sounds great", to which she replied "I love you, but...."Eventually a tech came onstage and fixed the settings on the left of the keyboards. She said "this is why we have soundchecks! Thanks for being part of our souncheck, you two thousand people you!" No one seemed to mind and it went on perfectly from there.

Jackie's Strength was stunning, as was Spring Haze. The Beekeeper is always amazing live, it just gets you on such a deep emotional level that even the brilliant studio version can't. Just asgood tonight as it was last night... I was hell surprised when she played Sleeps With Butterflies, and it wasperfect. But the real highlight of the show was Playboy Mommy. Two from Choirgirl!!!!!!! We were blessed! And it was so damned emotional, especially seeing as it was mothers day......Putting the Damage on wasincredible, you should have heard the crowd cheer. I thought they were cheering loudly and then the volume increased amazingly! The onyl problem with this setlist was there was not a single song from Scarlet..... Oh well, it was an absolutely breathtaking experience nonetheless.

From Michelle Paterson:

I can't believe how fast you get the set lists. There probably isn't too much more I can add. The concert was amazing, it did have a different feel than last night, you could tell that even from just the lighting point of view, a lot of last night was reds, there was more white and yellow etc tonight I thought. She also used a rectangular screen, which was placed in front of the hexagonal one she used last night.

She talked a lot more tonight, everyone I spoke to about the first night said they were amazed how little she had said then. There were a few other comments tonight that I can remember, although I don't have a great memory in general so excuse me if I'm being vague, but there was a definite Mother's day theme with those first comments about Mothers day, that have already been mentioned. She also said that tonight Winter was basically for her Mum (sorry "Mom") and even though it wasn't written for her & that sometimes the pictures have different faces (or something like that). Then later she said that being Mothers day we may all hate her after she did the Bee Gees song, of course someone yelled out "we love you Tori" and she told them something to the effect of can we have an agreement that you'll wait to tell her that till after we see if we like the song (feel free anyone to correct me on this, it is getting late...)

There was also a song fragment or improv or something I didn't recognise at the start of Space Dog.

Again everyone at the meet & greet was very polite (the whole numbering thing seems to be working well) and Tori got to see everyone. If only I would stop loosing the power of speech as soon as she's less than 5 meters from me!

From Daniel Cheetham:

If I thought the first Sydney show was good, this one blew me away! We were blesses to be in the 2nd row, right in front of her so we could see every shake of her head and lots and lots of drool! The drool started with Little Amsterdam, it was like a freaking tap! At one stage she turned around to the organ and it just poured off the mic behind her... aftre the song she even wiped her chin several times there was that much!! I thought she seemed to be in a bad mood when she first came out cos she was so intensely focussed on the organ and piano she looked really pissed but then she smiled after Amsterdam and the spell seemed to be broken.

She looked stunning (as usual) tonight, in a white fitted dress and little white fitted shorts underneath with flowing pale green chiffon over the top. In the first chat to the crowd, someone yelled "Happy Mothers Day Tori" and she said the "it's funny... it's not just a phone call to your mother anymore... you wake up and she comes running in and it's like, Oh yeah, I'm one too now" and gave this little smile before saying that although it wasn't written about her mother, she could see it from a different angle and launched into my all time fave, Winter which was amazing. During the 3rd chorus there was a loud crackle from one of the speakers which caused Tori to pause for a sec before continuing.

She did a long intro to Icicle which was great and grabbed towards her crotch when she sang "I'll take from mine instead". Space Dog was absolutely awesome!! She started the song at the last verse, really slowly, singing the "sure those girls with the navy bombs...." And playing the organ (I think) before she spun around and started the song from the beginning on the piano. Martha's was good but Rattlesnakes was absolutely stunning!! This was the first one she did on the 3rd organ (and the first one from SLG) and she looked so pretty and kept smiling to herself. Due to the new angle there was lots of eye contact with the audience and she stared right at me for about 10 seconds... I was grinning like an idiot!!

The Piano bar was an Aussie double with Bee Gees and INXS. Need you tonight was very sensual and very sexy with lots of lap dancing type moves on the stool...awesome!

I almost jumped into my friends lap when she started playing Marianne and she played it perfectly!! After Marianne finished, she turned and started playing the organ, and you could tell she was really listening to it and had a confused look on her face... After a bit she stopped, turned to the audience and said "my organ is fucked". She played it a bit more and asked the sound tech's if it sounded fucked to them. A girl in the audience yelled out "it sounds great" to which Tori replied "I love you but, zip it!" and again asked the sound guy if he could hear it. She said it was really soft and she was jamming "these gorgeous bellini shoes all the way down on the pedals" and there wasn't enough volume. Then she said "if my child is out in the audience past her bedtime, you are NOT to repeat anything mommy says to her teacher" and then made the comment about "lying child" which was really cute. The sound tech figured out one of the levers wasn't in the right place and she said "this is why we do sounds checks. Thank you for being here for it" or something along those lines.

Not as much playing both organ and piano as last night but she did treat us to a few glimpses of her amazing talent during Mary's of the sea once she got the organ working. Jackies Strength was beautiful. When she sang the first "what black magic can do" she sat back and folded her arms and held the "dooooo" for about 10 secs before continuing on looking very smug in a "see what I can do, aren't I clever" kind of way which was very cute.

Spring Haze was great and our only glimpse of TVAB and the Beekeeper was great too, I think she slowed it down a bit and it seemed to go for ages!!

We couldn't have asked for better encores really, and we had another torrent or drool!! Putting the damage was a great end to a brilliant show which really seemed to have a lovely feeling to it that stayed with me for ages...

2 shows so far and not a single repetition yet... other than Original and Beekeeper... Can't wait for next week!!

From Jezzy:

I just wanted to thank you. Because of the Dent, I was able to keep a track of when Tori was coming to Sydney.

I've been reading your website for about 8 years now and have wished and hoped to see Tori live in concert. It was brilliant. She was just ethereal - wearing this gorgeous white dress. I bought all four promotional t-shirts - I had to - I thought, "well, she may never come here again!" And I'm wearing one now - it's black with The Power of Orange Knickers written on the front and the Australian tour at the back.

She was so engaging and even though I knew all the songs through and through - it was like hearing them completely differently last night.

The sound of the Bose was amazing. I've seen many a concert at the Sydney Opera House (although usually operas, ballet and the symphony) and it was the perfect venue for her even though it was kinda unusual for a popular music concert. It also meant that the audience *had* to remain well behaved - you *can't* rush the stage there - it's not physically possible!

I cried during Winter and Putting the Damage On and I got such a kick out of the Bee Gees and INXS covers - brilliantly done.

We got to see a little bit of Natashya at one stage - she was led in with two other women to see a bit of the concert. Tori's organ was playing up at one stage and she swore and said she hoped her daughter didn't hear that!

The support act, Tyrone Noonan, was brilliant. I'm a fan of George anyway, and I'd heard his sister Katie sing at many a venue, but not Ty. He's got this rough around the edges Jeff Buckley-style vocal. It was fantastic.

From Helen Gladman:

Just a few additional thoughts on the show (my third - once in Sydney in 94 and once in London in 98).

I think the fact that I've gone a bit cold on Tori in recent years meant that I was ripe for last night to blow me away. I was going out of loyalty, not out of blind adoration. I'd read of people saying they cried when they heard her sing or play and I sort of scoffed at that a bit. But during the first notes of Oringinal Sinsuality (which has not become a fast favourite since buying the album) I totally lost it. I think even my husband (a Tori concert virgin) was surprised.

Someone else described her as ethereal. Great word - but so grounded at the same time. She's kind of wafty but with grunt, if that doesn't sound too crass!!!?? The fairy-queen dress, the mesmerising stage presence, the way she loses herself so totally in the performance. It all adds up to magnificent show that I won't forget in a hurry.

My husband, interestingly, who could at best be described as 'a bit of a fan' of 'some of her music' said he's only ever seen one other performer with stage presence to match. Mike Paton (sp?) from Faith No More. Praise indeed!

Just one point of annoyance - and not directed at Tori - but an announcement before the show asked people NOT to take photos 'at the artist's request' and what happened the minute she appeared on stage? Endless flashes from all over the place. I seriously hoped she'd stop and say something but she didn't. Why do people do that?

However, a brilliant, powerful show - had this feeling I was attending 'the Church of Tori' on a Sunday night. How appropriate!

From Chris:

On Sunday night I was alone cause my friend had to fly home for work. Admittedly, I was more moved by the first show but that's not to say the second show didn't affect me. I was still shaking after she came out on stage, you'd think I would've been used to it by now.

To me this show felt a lot more subdued than the Saturday show. Mother-/womanhood was obviously the theme and I'm glad Choirgirl got a little nod with two songs.

It's so great to see a performer who fully engages with the audience - Tori was great during the organ fiasco.

My favourite part of the show were the encores - what an amazing set of songs! Putting The Damage On was a perfect ending.

I just wish I could follow her all around Australia, but sadly, uni calls...I wonder where I'll get to see her next time ;)

Somebody wrote that Tori played an improv before Space Dog - she sand the bits that are layered on the CD ("so sure...") on the organ.

From Justin:

First off, Tori is amazing. However,I have to stay I was bit disappointed with Tori's choice of songs this evening. Considering she hasn't been here in 10 years, I think sticking to her classic's would have been better. A lot of the songs she sang I think were her 'weaker' songs i.e"Marrianne, PTDO, Knickers, Jackies".About half the songs I didn't personally care for i.e the cover songs and the new Beekeeper songs (yes, thats what she was here to promote).

I found the cover songs and her new stuff to be incredibly boring.. The Power of Orange Knickers is a really silly song.

The acoustics were great, you felt Tori's voice, penetrating you in this great venue.

The lighting and screen graphics were cool!

She's still amazing, looked and sounded great, however for $110 I felt a bit let down. This show was for hardcore fans only. For new fans, the set list tonight didn't come close to showcasing her true talent and better songs.

While I'm complaining, her new tour book, is a complete waste of money. Too many glam shots of Tori looking 10 years younger than she really is and no interesting text.

I'm sure I'll be slaughtered by the Tori police for this review.

From Raymond Nemnom:

What a show in Sydney last night. I am still blown away and can't express how amazing Tori's performance was, despite a few technicals.

Her breathtakingly beautiful and very different rendition of Little Amsterdam set the tone for the night. Winter, Icicle and Space Dog were a great gift for Australians who did not see her back in 1994, not to mention that they are some of my all time faves. The covers, especially INXS'Need You Tonightsent the crowd wild. Marys Of The Sea, my fave on The Beekeeper, and the one song i was dying for her to play, was unfortunately the low point of the show, most probably because she was shifting a lot between the piano and the organ, which made it lose some of its intensity. Other highlights of the show were definitely the inclusion of Choirgirl and Venus songs, a real surprise considering she did no songs out of these 2 albums the previous night. SPring Haze was very sweetand beautifully performed. The crowd seem to be especially pleased with Marianne andOrange Knickers. The Beekeeper, however, wasn't as intense and emotional as the previous night, but still very neat and to the point.

All in all, Tori did a reallly powerful and pleasing set list and the show was much better than the previous night, not as much as song choices but the general delivery of songs and the atmosphere on the stage, especially the lighting.

Can't wait for next Saturday's show, where i hope she would do a couple of UTP Bsides or Scarlett's Hidden Treasures. Also, i hope Witness would make a debut on Saturday, as Martha did last night.

From Vic:

wow, i have never been so blown away in my whole entire life with a concert,. I can not believe how much stronger this show was compared to the first sydney show. I can not believe someone left a review that said this show was boring, All i have to say about that is see a shrink and quickly get on some medication. Orignal sinsuality seriously made me start weeping like a school girl , as it did the night before, what a powerful song to open up with. Icicle was a great suprise and was performed like a goddess. Covers were great and really got the crowd pumped. I absolutly love that she had tech difficulties due to the fact she started speaking to us and that she cursed, which was so funny i almost wet my pants laughing , Then my dreams came true, the last four songs were amazing sleeps with butterflies gave me tingles and i felt all lovey dovey, playboy mommy was FAN- BLOODY- TASTIC, wow never thought id hear that live. the power of orange knickers was so cool, it felt much stronger live than on the album . And once again anyone who writes a review and insults this song and calls it stupid and says the whole concert was boring should NOT be going to a tori amos concert in the first place buddy. and obviously should be going to a britney spears concert. And very last was Putting The Damage On, well i almost past out when she started playing this one, absoulate angelic. this is the first time ive seen tori and its something i will never forget, but i really do hope she comes back again real soon. though ive still got one more show to go and if its anything like sunday nights show then im in heaven. By the way im not saying sat night wasnt great i just prefered the sunday nights show. Tori rocks my world!

From Benjamin Naylor:

i was seated in the Circle section, row N seat 14.

i like George so i was pleased with Tyrone Noonan as the support. i had been worrying before he'd been announced as the tour support that i'd have to put up with someone really bad.

He was a very good choice and i congratulate whoever decided to have him. Apparently, his sister (Katie) gave birth to a son about a week ago and he feels very special about being an uncle.

It was the first time i'd heard any of the songs he'd played, including "Polyserena" because i don't have the first George album.

Tori was very lively and lovely. She wore a flowing white dress. I thought it was interesting and clever that during the "girl, you got to know these daaayyysss/ which side you're(your?) on" in "Little Amsterdam" that she switched sides from piano to organ.

She only spoke about four or five times, but when she did she was very chatty and humourous.

Someone yelled "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!" after "Little Amsterdam" and Tori talked about how for her now it's not only a day to ring her mother, but a little person comes into her room and says "Happy Mother's Day!" and she goes "That's right! I'm a mother too now!" in realisation.

Then she went on to say that the next song wasn't written about her Mother, but several faces come to mind when she plays it now and proceeded to play "Winter".

She also had a little monologue at the beginning of TORI'S PIANO BAR. She said we might not like the next song and that it was the first and likely the last time she'd played it. She told us we might hate her for it and someone yelled "WE LOVE YOU TORI!!!" and she replied "Wait until after the song and see if you still say that". She muttered "how am i going to do this? There's three of them and only one of me." and said "that's right, it's by a band with three members, can you guess who it is? And no, it's not the Dixie Chicks. Though that would be appropriate after "Rattlesnakes". Those girls deserve (not sure what she said). I'll give you a clue, they're not American".

Then some guy near the front yelled "THE BEE GEES!" and she replied that we have a very wise man in the audience. She told us that she chose this song because of Mother's Day and proceeded to play "More Than a Woman".

While trying to start "Marys of the Sea" she thought she was having technical difficulties with the organ and said "i think this organ's fucked" and that one of the microphones earlier was fucked. She said if her daughter was out in the audience past her bedtime and heard her say what she just said that she better not repeat that word in front of her teacher when she goes to school. Because the teacher would say "Where did you learn that word?" and would reply "my mother!" and Tori would have to say "Lying child!" because she doesn't want to get blamed for that.

God, she's got character.

Tori talked to her husband Mark (someone yelled something to her and she snapped back "i love you, but zip it! i need to talk to my hubby" or something very close to that) and also Marcel and they sorted out whatever the problem was and she said something about two thousand people at a soundcheck.

It was a great night with a pretty good set list and whenever something went wrong she turned it into something funny. My biggest complaint (don't get me wrong, i still greatly enjoyed every song) is with the choice of songs for the second encore. "Ribbons Undone" and/or "Mother" would have been a lot more appropiate even though "Putting the Damage On" is a really great song.

Would've also made sense to include "Mother Revolution" this night, instead of the previous night, but none-the-less, the set list was fantastically superb!

Also, i felt the the second half and the encores went a bit quick and she didn't say a word before, during or after the encores, though she did bow and wave. It was funny and cute how she kept running accross and off the stage at the end of each part.

Before and after each encore, the applause was truly thunderous. The applause was very loud and enthusiastic as it was after each song, but when she ran off stage it was like there was an earthquake (and not a little one!). Amazing considering how quiet the audience was during the songs and that's quite a feat when you think about the amount of people there.

That was probably the best concert i've ever been to and the first time i've seen Tori live. Understandably, since she hasn't toured Australia in ten years though i almost had a chance to go to the Saturday show, but i missed out and there was nothing i could do.

I honestly wish i was seeing her again soon, two hours (i think that's how long she played) just isn't enough for me. It seems like the good things that happen in my life never last long enough. i need more.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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