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Review of The Beekeeper from ce Lifestyles magazine
May 2005

Updated Thu, Apr 21, 2005 - 5:21am ET

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The May 2005 issue of ce Lifestyles magazine includes a positive review of The Beekeeper.

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Thanks to Wild Bill for telling me about this review. You can read it online at or below:

Tori Amos
"The Beekeeper" $18.98

Progression is necessary to stay fresh and successful in the music biz. Tori Amos burst onto the scene in 1991 with "Little Earthquakes" but arguably got stuck in an artistic rut with a couple of her intermediate, somewhat disparaging albums. She seems to have come full circle with "The Beekeeper," her newest addition. It is innovative and intensely thoughtful, and while some critics of her previous albums may have implied that she had reached a creative plateau, "The Beekeeper" demonstrates a newfound level of maturity and creativity we hadn't seen in her prior work.

Amos has really hit her musical mark with this one. "Ribbons Undone" says it best: "It is her time/Watch her run." She seems to have come to terms with her quirkiness and has embraced this evolution of her lyrics and musical style.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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