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Beekeeper review from The Nashua Telegraph in New Hampshire
February 24, 2005

Updated Sat, Apr 02, 2005 - 2:15pm ET

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Read an essentially positive review of The Beekeeper from The Nashua Telegraph in New Hampshire.

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THE BEEKEEPER Tori Amos; Epic.

Tori Amos is typically coy about her music, holding her inspirations close like secrets and making each song a charmingly melodic acknowledgment that there are things she'll never tell.

So it goes with rock 'n' roll's mistress of enigma. She'll tease you by saying her new album, "The Beekeeper," is based on the six sides of a honeycomb - each representing a facet of female emotion - but shush you and leave only interpretations when you start asking questions.

While that may frustrate some and leave them cursing the artist's ego, few will be dissatisfied with the songs. "The Beekeeper" is delicious and rich, thanks to Amos' use of new instruments to complement her piano.

The album isn't full of the "Tori-and-her-piano" tunes we're used to hearing. Her voice soars over a deep, humming electric organ on "Witness," a groove-laden track that drips with sensuality. And "Ireland" is a danceable and flip ditty about a road trip.

Overall, her eighth album is fuller than previous efforts. But it is not entirely absent of the feminist message that earned her a cult following in the 1990s.

"Power of Orange Knickers" and "Original Sinsuality," which has Amos apparently refusing accept the Bible's concept of Eve tempting Adam to eat forbidden fruit, clearly have a feminist message with a capital F.

"Original sin? No, I don't think so. Original sinsuality," the song goes.

Released concurrently with her book "Tori Amos: Piece by Piece," the album may be the closest thing to a passionate confessional through music from the 41-year-old Amos. Too bad we can only speculate what she's really saying.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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