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Review of The Beekeeper from I-S magazine in Singapore
March 25, 2005

Updated Wed, Mar 30, 2005 - 8:42am ET

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A review of The Beekeeper appears in the March 25 2005 issue (No. 247) of I-S magazine in Singapore.

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Thanks to Luky Annash for sending this review to The Dent:

We are almost enthralled. Clocking at nearly 80 minutes, singer-songwriter Tori Amos' latest album The Beekeeper is a compelling and organic release, if a tad uneven. Following 2002's equally patchy Scarlet's Walk, The Beekeeper sees Amos charting her journey as a daughter, mother, dreamer, and conversationalist through the album's six "gardens" - including the orchard, greenhouse, and desert garden - and she mostly succeeds. There's no doubting Amos' skill in weaving a tapestry of tracks together with her idiosyncratic worldview. In the album's best and catchiest number, "The Power of Orange Knickers", a duet with Irish troubadour Damien Rice, the two sing in unison about the perils of terrorism : "the power of orange knickers under my petticoat...those girls that smile kindly then rip your life to pieces". Tracks such as the piano-tinged "Sleeps with Butterflies" and "Marys of The Sea" are also beguiling with their blithe arrangements and Amo's irresistible vocals. That said, The Beekeeper is also peppered with mediocre tracks such as "Hoochie Woman" and "Sweet The Sting", which aren't as risky as Amos' previous works. Oh well, you can't have it all

-by : Terry Ong-

Posted by: Mikewhy

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