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Radio 3FM in The Netherlands broadcast Tori's performance for 'That's Live'
Taped March 4, 2004 - Broadcast March 27, 2005

Updated Tue, Mar 29, 2005 - 2:47am ET

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On Friday afternoon, March 4, 2005, Tori was at Radio 3FM in Hilversum, The Netherlands and performed a mini-concert for a show called That's Live that Radio 3FM broadcast on Sunday, March 27, 2005. Tori was briefly interviewed, took some questions and performed 4 songs. The Power of Orange Knickers was mentioned as the next single, but I am not sure how reliable that is. Here is a direct link to an audio stream of the show that will be available for about a week online. The first segment starts at 34:49 and includes an introduction, "Sleeps With Butterflies" and "Leather". The second segment starts at 1:11 and is a five question self-quiz which includes an improv about the program. The final segment starts at 1:38, beginning with some audience questions and including "The Power Of Orange Knickers" and "Winter". Click the details link below to find details from the taping, the songs Tori performed, and a photo from the taping of this radio show.

More Details

Thanks to Martijn for the photo you see below, which is from the performance! You can find more photos online at

Thanks to Arjan for being one the first to email me Tori's setlist, which was:

Sleeps With Butterflies
The Power Of Orange Knickers

Here are some details:

From J@ckieee:
I won tickets for this small radio showcase, only 25 had won tickets and could bring 1 person. I was really excited to see Tori perform in such a small setting with only 50 people. The studio looked very cosy with a bar, couches and sitting pillows everywhere. In the middle of it stood the upright Bsendorfer. We were told not to take pictures so Tori could concentrate on the singing instead of making 'performance faces'. When she came out she started playing the first lines of "Sleeps With Butterflies" but soon I heard she started singing something else and then the "oooh let's do it again, let's do this one again" part came and I knew she had fucked up. Well, it wasn't Tori who fucked up, but there was something wrong with the sound, too much echo I think. Tori just kept playing the keys while the soundguys were working on the sound. She looked really annoyed but on the other hand smiled to us sometimes and asked us to be patient (we didn't mind the piano improv thingie at all haha). It was weird to see Tori in such a professional way with her performing mask off. But as soon as the sound was fixed she started playing Sleeps With Butterflies again and she was fully into it again. She wasn't just performing for the radio, but gave us a small show as well with her typical fierce and funny looks. Loved watching this and the sound was awesome.

One of my friends requested Here in my Head at the book signing. Tori replied she would see if it would fit into the radioshow. I didn't have any requests. I just hoped she wouldn't play Leather! I can't stand that song, I think it is so boring live. But how wrong I was. This version was pretty good and I even liked it a lot. She said some older songs become relevant again.

Then Tori left the piano, waved at her fans and disappeared. She wore a black pants, white blouse and a red thing over it (looked like a fishnet). But most important: she wore the red heels she got from Viktor & Rolf. I have very much respect for Tori being able to walk that graciously on them. They looked very cute on her.

After the DJ played some songs Tori came back for a small interview and Q&A thing. Eric Corton had some odd and difficult questions about beekeeping, like how many eggs can a Bee Queen produce? Nobody expected her to know the answer, but she did! She told us what the Bee shaman had learned her. His face looked so suprised, priceless, the audience went nuts and Tori got herself a big applause. Second question was difficult for Tori and she didn't know what Stevie Wonders real name was. Then the DJ played her favourite Stevie Wonder track and Tori put her hands in the air and started making dancing moves on the chair. She digged that song. Another question asked was: who of the following people own a Bsendorfer? Was is ABBA, Jamie Cullum or Billy Jol? Tori asked 'who is Jamie Cullum'? Again the DJ was and audience was shocked of her not knowing who he was. Tori made a 'don't shoot me' move and said 'well I need to know in order to answer this question correctly'. So the DJ told her who he was and helped her a little by shaking his head 'no'. Then Tori knew the answer was ABBA. She could deserve bonus points by singing an improv about "this day". Which wa sno problem offcourse. She said 'ok, right now?' and got into her strong sitting position and grabbed the mic with one hand. Then this improv about this beautiful day came. It had been heavily snowing and the big window in the studio showed us the white landscape and trees, a perfect setting and I just knew Tori was inspired by this and she would perform Winter.

And, yes I was right. The DJ said Tori would come back later to perform Winter and a new song, which was The Power Of Orange Knickers. This solo version kicks ass. In the end of the song Tori was very into it and her body was shaking during the last "those girls that smile kindly then rip your life to pieces, can somebody tell me now..." I think this will become a highlight during both band and solo performances. Winter was lovely and just perfect for this snowy day when we all sat together inside eating chocolate easter eggs. I loved it!

The audience write down some questions on a white board and the best 4 questions were picked. They picked my question first... I asked her how she would describe a "Hoochie Woman". She looked me straight in the eyes and I can't remember all she said. All I remember was: 'when you are in a club and some woman is all over your man and you are like 'what is your bling bling doing on his ding-ding?' and then she rolled eyes and crowd clapped much again, she rocks. Someone asked if Tash is allready playing the piano. Tori said she is playing it with her feet, because she likes dancing so much. Two other questions were asked and that was it. Tori waved a last time and then she was gone. Leaving is behind with the feeling; we want you back soon!

Broadcast: March 27th 2005

Pictures: (made by Martijn) (made by Daan with permission) (made by Daan with permission)

From Michel Kempes:
Here's the setlist which tori played during the taping of the THAT's LIFE show for BNN Radio, which will be broadcast 27 March 2005.

1. Sleeps With Butterflies
2. Leather (wonderful !!!)
3. The Power Of Orange Knickers
4. Winter (Because we had overhere the coldest day since 1971 !!)

also a little trivia quiz and 3 qustions from the audience.

From Martijn:
So today she taped "That's Live" (and also some other shows in the morning). She came in and was interviewed a couple of times, a bit of Q&A, stuff like that. She performed Sleeps With Butterflies, Leather, The Power Of Orange Knickers and Winter (in that order). When she started SWB there was something wrong with the sound (some chorus programme or something?) and she kept playin for awhile while the audio guy (Justin?) figured it out.

I had seen a show before, from like row 20, but it was nothing like this; she was only 2 metres away and I've gotten a whole new appreciation for those songs.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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