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Details and photos from Tori's March 18, 2005 signing at Barnes & Noble in Boston, MA

Updated Sun, Mar 20, 2005 - 5:35am ET

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Updated: Tori did a signing at Barnes & Noble (located at 660 Beacon Street, Kenmore Square at Boston University) in Boston, MA on Friday, March 18, 2005. Read some accounts from people who were there and some photos!

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Photos from the signing

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The photos above come from Mark Bednarz


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The photos above come from Suze


You can also find photos and details from this signing from Angela/ Shiseido & Jason/ yessaid at this toriphorum thread at 

Accounts from people at the signing

From Rebecca Dent:

I got to Barnes and Nobles around 7:30am and there was about 30 people waiting outside already. Someone who worked at the Barnes and Nobles was actually giving away coffee which was really nice. We had been told previously that they would be giving out the bracelets starting at 9 and then we weren't going to be able to leave. I'm very familiar with that store and didn't see how it could accomodate 200 people hanging out there all day. They let us know that they'd be taking all of our names down (with picture ID) and that we'd have to be back by 4 to get the actual bracelets. It was actually run very well for the most part.

I met some great Tori fans in line (Adam and Stacy) waiting and met 2 more later that morning (Lauren and Susan). We decided to camp out at Barnes and Nobles for the day and had a great time discussing Tori, etc. It's always so nice to be around people who understand! :) This was going to be my first time meeting Tori and I bought her a copy of my favorite book and wrote her a letter. So hard to actually get everything down!

About 3:15, we moved up to the second floor to actually get in line. Everyone not on "the list" was asked to leave and bracelets were handed out. Tori came out a little late, about 6:20. It was so amazing to finally meet her. I babbled a little to her (naturally) but she was so sweet. She told me she's going to work on her "back catalog" for the tour. I'm still a little weak from the experience but even more excited about the tour!

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