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Tori is featured at Live @ Launch; Read the transcript

Updated Sat, Mar 26, 2005 - 4:18am ET

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If you go to the Live @ Launch page at, you will be able to listen to an interview with Tori and a live performance of Sleeps With Butterflies and Parasol. Thanks to the many Toriphiles who emailed me about this, as well as, who posted about it as well. People who have a Mac like me and can not hear this might want to check out for a solution! I also have a transcript of Tori's interview from this video, courtesy of Jessica Hartke.

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Launch Interview Transcript

As a minister's daughter I think my dad always wanted me to be a writer of Christian music. That was his dream. And maybe, maybe I am. In a way. And maybe really my job is not to be accepted in heaven or on earth, but I hold the energy of purgatory when I play. That means: both. Both possibilities. The real and the fantasy. And you know I say to people, this is not something that you have to look at on a lyric level. I mean, I am a musician first and I think I play with words because, you know, we all have our hobbies and that's just something - some guys like to play pool. Well I like to play with words. And if people are open to this on any level, just as listening to the songs and never even looking at the words, and never even thinking about the back story, then we have brought the honey.

I kind of thought that the idea of undressing the word 'terrorist' would be a really good thing to do. What I'm suggesting is that I felt if you're going to look at a word that gets so used and misused in order to push some buttons - they use the word 'terrorist', it's like, 'Fire!' then, what do you need to do? You need to undress the word 'fire' till it's an ember. So, that's how you emancipate a word. Sometimes I found that with my little girl, she would look at me and say, 'Mummy,' in her British accent, 'What's a terrorist?' And I said, well, hmm, I'm trying to think how to describe this. And so here I am you know, grasping, as she's looking at me, you know, chomping on an apple, and I said, 'Well, it's somebody who invades your space, and takes away something that's really really special to you.' And she said, 'You mean like a bully. I know him! That's Jack.' And so now of course Jack the Terrorist is at our discussions at dinner quite frequently.

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