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Details and photos from Tori's March 17, 2005 signing at Barnes & Noble in Washington, D.C.

Updated Fri, Mar 18, 2005 - 11:22am ET

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Tori did a signing at Barnes & Noble (Georgetown store located at 3040 M Street, NW) in Washington D.C. on Thursday, March 17, 2005. Read some accounts from people who were there and see a few photos!

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Photos from the signing


The photo above comes from Phyllis



The photo above comes from Marc


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The photos above come from Andrew


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The photos above come from Meredith


You can also see some wonderful photos taken by Linda M. Jose at this web site.

Accounts from people at the signing

From Linda:

The D.C. signing went off almost without a hitch save for bad communication between the store, Tori's label and the fans. Wristbands were handed out and it seems as if there were plenty to go around. Reports were that at 12:30, there were still 20 wristbands remaining.

Tori looked absolutely radiant--I was able to get many pictures and a couple videos which I will pass along soon. It amazes me the amount of respect and individual attention that Tori gave to each and every fan in line--which of course was 200 people! She finished around 9:30. This was my first time meeting Tori and all I can say is that she is one of the most beautiful and radiant souls that you could ever meet. I am glad that my first time meeting her wasn't rushed like at a Meet and Greet.

From Andrew:

Tori was great tonight! She signed up to two things (either Piece by Piece or The Beekeeper) and talked to each person for a minute or so. This was the first time that I have met her, I and still can't believe that it happened.

Barnes & Noble gave out wrist bands for the event starting at 9 a.m. today. I and my friend Heather were able to get one at noon today, but when we returned at 6:30 they were all gone. In all, two hundred were given out. To get a wrist band, you had to purchase either the new album or the book.

When we arrived we were pretty much last in line, and we waited for about three hours. Pictures were allowed to be taken only while people were in line. Once you were six people from her, security took away your cameras and other belongings. The Barnes & Noble staff was really nice.

Tori was extremely friendly! I asked her about the setup for the upcoming tour, and if she would be bringing the rhodes or the wurlitzer with her in addition to the piano and organ. She said probably would be bringing one of them (I can't remember exactly which), and that she would be "expanding" as the tour progressed. Joel stood next to her, and he was friendly as well.

It was definitely worth the wait to meet her!

From Marc:

I finally got a chance to meet her! My wife Barbara and I were at the CD/book signing in Washington today, and despite some bungling and disorganized security people, it was a fantastic day! She looked absolutely radiant, and I got a lot of enjoyment out of watching everyone's reactions - from unbridled joy to tearful hugs - as they each got their turn to meet her. Barb plays piano as well, so they talked a bit about music, and I made Tori laugh by telling her how surreal the whole experience was for me. I wouldn't have believed it, but even her laugh was musical! It's something I'll hear in my head from now on anytime I need cheering up. Otherwise, the day was very similar to the accounts of the past book/CD signings - she would only sign the new book and CD, and they took everyone's cameras away as they got close to the beginning of the line.

From Phyllis:

The book signing ran quite smoothly and everyone seemed happy. Tori came out a little after 6pm. 200 people were given wristbands at the opening of the store in the morning. We did not have to return again until 4:30, which was nice. People were allowed to take photos while waiting in line and from various places throughout the store.

From Meredith:

Well, when we got there after calling numerous times we found out that the morning of the booksigning they announced that they were giving away 200 wristbands. Neither of us had one so we were just crushed. However we were able to obtain 1 arm band from some very nice guy who was not a fan and was there with his sister. I decided to let my friend go and I would hang back and try to get some pictures. Tori was beautiful in grey slacks and a black sparkly top. She was hugging and speaking with everyone and was so attentive and kind. When it was my friends turn to go he told her that I wasnt able to meet her and they both turned and blew kisses at me!!!! I was so happy and it made my day!!!

From Lita:

I attended the DC booksigning on St. Patrick's Day. It was very exciting. I arrived at Barnes & Noble with my boyfriend at 8:30 AM. There was already a little less than 100 people in line. We all got our wrist bands but I think we had to show them either the book or the new cd. People weren't allowed a wristband unless they had one of those items with them or bought it from the store then and there. I waited around the store for a little while after I got my wristband. There were still plenty of wristbands around noon, but all 200 of the wristbands were gone by 1pm I believe.

The event was very unclear and disorganized. Although it ran smoothly, lots of fans were upset because they were given the wrong information; that was disappointing and I feel really bad that those people didn't experience this.

I went around Georgetown for the day with my boyfriend and around 3:30 we headed back to the bookstore and waited outside. There was a handful of us fans waiting then. Then by 5pm they let a group of us go in and they split us up according to our wristbands. My boyfriend and I got separated even though we got wristbands at the same time, so that was disappointing. But it turned out to be a good thing because he got to take photos of me from the line when I was meeting Tori & I got to get some shots of him and other people when I was waiting for him to finish.

I was one of the first people in the first line to get to meet Tori. The security people took all of our belongings, except for the book and cd. Once I got to the table, Joel and I started talking. He is such a nice guy. Finally, I got to meet Tori Amos for the first time. It was so unreal. This woman really cares about her fans.

From Lisa Sheffield Miller:

I got to the Barnes and Noble at 5:30 with my fianc. There was already about 20 people in line, the first of whom arrived at 4:30. Later, when we were in the store I was at the end of the first 100 people line and as fate would have it, directly next to the stairwell Tori entered from! She was whisked through by Joel and some other people but managed a wave, smile and "hi guys!" When I got to meet her about an hour later, I was surprisingly calm at first, but midway through talking to her I got a bit choked up. Earlier, they had passed around a box for fans to put stuff in for Tori. Some people had letters and bouquets of flowers but I had brought her my sketchbook. I thought she'd like it because in the book she mentions looking at a lot of art during her songwriting. I told her "Your music means so much to me, so I wanted to give you something too. I gave you my sketchbook in the box that was passed around." She asked me what it looked like and if my name was on it (indeed it was!) and then said "Visual arts is a big part of my process. I will make sure to look at it." When my fianc Nathan approached her she mentioned again that she wanted to look at my book. I was very pleased because I didn't even think they would allow her to accept gifts at all. She is so beautiful and radiant in person, something that doesn't quite come across in photos. The connection with her fans is so strong it's hard to explain to people who just "dont get it." Now I can't wait to see her April 6th here in town again!

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