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Details and some photos from Tori's March 14, 2005 signing at Tower Records Sunset in Los Angeles, CA

Updated Tue, Mar 15, 2005 - 9:46am ET

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Updated: Tori was signing her book and CD at Tower Records Sunset in Los Angeles, CA on Monday, March 14, 2005. She was a little late to the signing because of the taping she also did that day for the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Click to read some accounts from people who were there and see some photos!

More Details

Photos from the signing

Because Tori was late, they only allowed people to take photos while they were in line, but not when they were meeting Tori. Therefore, it was hard to get clear photos of her. That is why some of the photos below are a little blurry. But even the blurry ones give you an indication of what it was like!

Click here to see some exclusive press photos of Tori from this event, taken by nychen!

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Photos from Dor. Click to see larger.


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Photos from Natalie. Click to see larger.



Photo from Ross. Click to see larger.


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Photos from Erinn. Click to see larger.



Photo from Lisa. Click to see larger.

Details from people who were at the signing

From Ross:

Tonight I met Tori @ Tower Records on Sunset Blvd. She was doing a signing for the release of her book.

As I walked up to her, she leaned over to read my name on the sticky! SHE RECOGNIZED my name and put my face to "the name" from the LONG letter/book with pictures I had given her at the Wiltern Theatre in 2001. She said, "ROSS! It's SO nice to see you again!" So I then replied with a thank you and said, "YOU TOO!". She then saw my keyboard and asked me how I lugged this heavy thing around and I replied, "well, I was going to bring my piano but that was even heavier!". She got a giggle out of that, as well as the people around her. OH, sidenote here, Joel recognized me too and said, "Hey, How's It Going Dude." I replied with a, "Pretty good Joel, how are you?!"..."Not bad", he replied with a smile. (Joel is her bodyguard---has been since I can remember...)

So, she then asked me where I'd like her to sign my keyboard and I pointed to the area I had set aside for her. I also added, as she went to sign it, "I wanted you to sign it by my Pele sticker, did you see that?" She replied, "NO! Where is it?" I pointed it out to her and she then bent over to get a good look at it. I also said, while she was looking at the sticker that I had just gone to Hawai'i in Jan. & she said, "That's great! That's a BEAUTIFUL place huh", ....I replied, "Most Definitely!". She then started signing my keyboard and while she was doing that I asked, "Tori can I ask you another question?"...She replied, "SUUUUUUUURE HONEY, What's That?"...I asked, "Can you suggest a good book for me on the Rituals you do before and during your shows?"...She asked, "What do you mean exactly? Which ones?" I then did some of the motions she has done when she walks out on stage & before some of her songs---the intro's: She got this look in her eyes that locked with mine....It got "spooky-ish"; I said, "Well, I'm guessing it's Native American related???" She then replied with one of the most serious looks I've seen her give me, still locked eye to eye and she said, "You need to go right over here to Melrose Ave. to a bookstore called the Bodhi Tree.

Then go to the Native American area and you can find MANY books there on Native American Dance & Ritual; This is the store I used to get all of my books from when I lived in Hollywood."...She then took my right hand and said, "Ross, its been great! Write some good one's."

From Lisa:

Just wanted to send you a quick note on the Tower signing :) It seems the Tower people don't read the Dent, cause they didn't realize Tori was taping the Ellen show and would most likely be late to the signing :P she got there around 7pm I think and around 7:30 the line started to move. They brought us into the store in groups of 4 or 5 and had us line up in a single file tight up against racks of cds. This resulted in absolutely none of us being able to really get any pictures of her at all :(  they moved us through fairly fast so basically all I got was one very blurry picture! Hopefully someone later was able to get a picture for you... anyway, they let us get one thing signed and we each had a few minutes with her. I asked her if they were adding any more shows to the tour and she said yes, but then said no, not this portion, just later in the summer when she comes back with the band. Anyway, she looked great!

From Erinn:

Just got home from the L.A. signing, and I wanted to send you a few pics. Just to let you know, Tori was running late tonight (the people working at Tower told us that she had gone on the Ellen Show at the last minute) and so we were not allowed to take pics with her, only of her while we waited in line in order to speed things up. Anyway, I just wanted to share them since she looked so cute tonight. Hope you enjoy!

From Danny Quevedo:

The last time I saw Tori was at the taping of On Air with Ryan Seacrest and when I saw her I commented to her that Mother has been helping me a lot since my grandmother had just passed away. She told me that she was happy that it was helping me tremendously! Yesterday, I had taken with me a photo that had a lot of sentimental value: Peter (my boyfriend who passed away of Leukemia, you posted this news on TheDent) and Tori at the Wiltern Theatre during the SLT. She saw the Photo and the most amazing thing happened: SHE RECOGNIZED HIM and gave me this hug that was so soothing and lovely! She then locked her eyes with mine and I felt as if she was looking right into my soul, it was the most amazing experience! I didn't want any articles signed, just the picture of Tori and Peter (which I had editted and added "In Loving Memory Peter Cardenas, Jr." and on the bottom "Wrap yourself around the Tree of Life and the Dance of the Infinity of the Hive". She saw it, closed her eyes then wrote "For Danny & your love, your sister in spirit, Tori Amos". I cried and cried and she gave me like 2 more hugs. She then said "I lost my brother too, so I know what you're going through, but you must be strong." I felt like there was a some sort of bonding between us; despite the fact that Tori's brother passed away on Peter's birthday (it is just the weirdest thing).

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