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Details about Tori's appearance on 'Shuffle' on Belgian Radio 1

Updated Sun, Mar 13, 2005 - 3:10pm ET

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Tori was in Belgium on March 8, 2005 to record for the the radio programme 'Shuffle' on Belgian Radio 1. This was broadcast on Saturday, March 12, 2005, and I now have some details about this radio show.

More Details

Here is a report on the show from Toriphile Saar:

Tori was on the Belgian Radio 1 today (March 12, 2005), during the programme 'Shuffle'. She recorded this session on Tuesday the 8th of March and today they've broadcasted it. The show started at 17(5)pm and ended at 19(7)pm. She came on about 18.30 (6.30)pm. This is what happened:

- Interview (She talked about the concept of the album.)
- Sleeps With Butterflies
- Interview (She talked about working together with Damien Rice and explained the 'terrorist' aspect of The Power Of Orange Knickers.)
- The Power Of Orange Knickers
- Interview (She talked about the war in Iraq and refered to it as 'world war 3'. That locking your door doesn't mean you aren't involved. We are all part of this.)
- Mother Revolution

She performed 3 songs and in between there were lil interviews. I was really happy to hear 'Mother Revolution' and it was such a powerful performance. They all were! She sounded great! The only thing which bothered me was when the speaker ended with: 'We'll see Tori live WITH BAND on the 12th of June in Brussels.' With band??!! Isn't she supposed to tour Europe solo!! This can be a mistake of the speaker, but I dunno... (Note from Mikewhy: I have heard that she is to be solo for the European tour also, but we will have to wait and see for sure I guess...)

You will be able to listen to the performance/interview online at

But I dunno when they'll put it up. Go to the link, and then click on 'beluister de jongste uitzending'. (on top of the page)

Posted by: Mikewhy

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