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Details and photos from Tori's March 9, 2005 mini-performance for Polish Radio 3 in Warsaw, Poland

Updated Thu, Mar 10, 2005 - 1:41pm ET

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Updated: On Wednesday, March 9, 2005, Tori performed an exclusive mini-concert for Polish Radio 3 in Warsaw, Poland. Tori performed 5 songs live, which Polish Radio 3 plans to broadcast sometime around Easter. Click for details, the set list and a link to some photos from the event!

More Details

imageDuring this short performance, which lasted about 25 minutes, Tori played:

The Power of Orange Knickers
Sleeps With Butterflies
Mother Revolution

You can see photos from the event at the web site The photo you see on this page is a smaller version of one of them!

Here are some accounts by fans who were there:

From Polek:

Tori appeared today at Polish Radio 3 in Warsaw for a short mini concert. About 100 fans waited at radio hall where she arrived at around 5 p.m. The main event started about one hour later. Set included only five songs, and will be broadcasted during Easter. The songs were:

The Power of Orange Knickers
Sleeps with Butterflies
and as an encore: Mother Revolution.

Just when we get in the mood the show was over. I especially enjoyed Sleeps with Butterflies, in a different version, more intimate and quieter, great for an ending.

We've also recently celebrated five years of our polish web forum for Tori fans. It's still not much in a popularity here so I would like to ask you to include its web address somewhere in the news:

From marcin janocha (jezyk):
I'm back from Tori performance at Polish Radio 3 (in Agnieszka Osiecka's Studio) in Warsaw.

Tori had played five songs:
The Power of Orange Knickers
Sleeps With Butterflies
and for encore: Mother Revolution!

the show was during about 25 minutes, and begins at 18 - there was an one hour delay.

but it was a very magicaly evening!

From Karina:

There are some pics from the event on (Internet portal devoted to show business and celebities) along with this short article:

Only several people had a chance to hear Tori Amos live. The performance of the superb singer and piano player- which was closed to the public - took place yesterday in the Polish Radio Program 3`s music studio. The minishow will be broadcast on March 27th (Easter Sunday) at 9:05 PM.

The caption under the pics says: Tori Amos mesmerized the audience with her voice and body. There aren`t many performers who can play and sign in such a sexy way as she does.

Oh, and here`a a transcript of a review that appeared today in Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland`s biggest daily news:

"Tori Amos played in Warsaw better than on the album"

Tori Amos played a mini show yestarday in Polish Radio Program 3`s music studio. The American singer`s visit to Poland was a part of the European promotion of her new album, `The Beekeeper`. During her one-day long stay in Warsaw she met with some journalists and gave some interviews. She also found some time to play a mini show for a very small group of her fans, as well as the guests and journalists invited by her record company. The set consisted of only 5 songs, most of them from the new album. She started exactly the same way as on the album - with `Parasol`, probably one of the best tracks form `The Beekeper`. The audience also heard `The Power of Orange Knickers`. While on the album the song features Damien Rice on back vocals, here - in the concert studio - it sounded so much better and more appealing. And not only this one. Amos still performs with such a great passion and energy as she did on her first albums, and which she didn`t on `The Beekeper`. Polish listeners will have a chance to hear her exclusive performance in several days, as the show wasn`t a live broadcast. It is schedulled to be broadcast at Easter evening.

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