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Updated Wed, Mar 09, 2005 - 11:31am ET

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 Entry Page has a series of articles or pictorials that they call Transformations, which take a look at how a celebrity looks over the years. They have added one for Tori at Thanks to Torinymph02 for sharing.

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Click here to see the article at That is the best place, because there you will see the various photos they have of Tori over the years. Below you can see the verbage that the article has, but you really need to go to their web site to get the full effect!

Tori Amos

With the release of her new album, The Beekeeper, and a new autobiography, singer-songwriter Tori Amos comes back to the fold with a double whammy of fun. See how she's changed since her Little Earthquake days.

Though most might categorize Tori Amos as a new age hippy, the singer-songwriter disagrees with that description. But it isn't that far from the truth. This piano prodigy (she started playing at age 2) is a mere 5'3", but the sound she makes is gargantuan. At the piano she becomes a whirling dervish, her tiny frame contorted as if possessed. Her deep-set blue eyes, usually heavily lined in black, are haunting, as if she's got a secret to tell, while her carrot-colored mane plays up the porcelain quality of her skin. Thanks to some Cherokee blood she's got enviously strong, high cheekbones and a perfectly full mouth, which she chooses to downplay with peachy blushes and soft rose lip shades. Her fashion sense runs the gamut. She is fond of gauzy loose tops and jeans, but can do red-carpet couture like a pro. Perhaps those aforementioned descriptions refer more to her kooky album titles than her look. Little Earthquakes? Under the Pink, anyone? Oh, and how about her latest, The Beekeeper? The vote is out.

--Karen Johnston

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