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Small article on Tori in The Buffalo News
March 7, 2003

Updated Sat, Mar 08, 2003 - 2:04pm ET

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This is a short article in preparation of her upcoming March 13, 2003 concert in Buffalo, NY. Thanks to Mary Alice for the tip. You can read this online at or below.

Famous Amos

When Tori Amos emerged from the ether in 1991 with her stunning debut, "Little Earthquakes," she was dogged by comparisons to British art-rock wunderkind Kate Bush every step of the way.

The comparisons were on the money, but not for the reason one might assume. Amos is her own woman, and calling her a Bush ripoff misses the essence of her unique, idiosyncratic art. But Amos shares with Bush an ability to get at the heart of the matter concerning the spiritual world, the sensual world and the world of moral compromise that comprises the space between.

Bush penned what is clearly one of the most powerful love songs with a female narrator in the form of her heart-wrenching "The Song of Solomon." Amos has entered similar terrain with some of her best compositions - "China," "Winter," "Amber Waves" among them - by blending esoteric poetry with solid pastoral melodicism and a tendency to ground her imagery in rich detail. She's Bush's heir, but not her imitator.

"Scarlet's Walk," Amos' latest, finds her blending her penchant for stripped-down, piano-based tunes with ambitious and bold band arrangements.

Amos and her band come to Shea's Performing Arts Center, 646 Main St., at 7:30 p.m. Thursday. Tickets are $35 (Shea's box office, Ticketmaster). Call 852-5000.

- Jeff Miers

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