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A transcript of Tori's interview on Ireland's Tubridy Tonight TV show
March 5, 2005

Updated Mon, Mar 07, 2005 - 1:57am ET

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On Saturday, March 5, 2005, Tori appeared on the TV show Tubridy Tonight, which is Ireland's prime time Saturday night chat show on RTE One Television. Tori performed Sleeps With Butterflies solo and had a short interview with host Ryan Tubridy. Click to read a transcript of this interview. Tori revealed during it that she plans to perform in Dublin during her upcoming European tour!

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Thanks to nryan.ennis for the interview transcript below and to Chris for additional details.

RT: Hello
TA: Hello
RT: How are you?
TA: How are you?
RT: Very good
RT: That was real nice
TA: Thank you,
RT: I enjoyed it because it is so nice to hear somebody playing a musical instrument, you know with a lot of music has gone a bit funny, everyone's singing to backing tracks and everything. Do you still get a kick outta playing the piano
TA: Yeah, I love her
RT: Nice, what about, ahem, you were kinda a bit of a child prodigy Tori, was that your thing?
TA: Well, that's what they say
RT: Was it true? How old were you when you started banging away?
TA: Two and a half
RT: Two and a half?
TA: Yeah
RT: I could hardly stand up at two and a half. How did you manage that, I mean in a nice way
TA: No, I know, ahem, it's the only thing I could do, it's not like I was good at anything else, I mean I couldn't read or talk, I could just play
RT: Communicating in piano speak or something?
TA: Yeah, yeah, yeah
RT: Were you kinda precocious, or were you a nice kid?
TA: Oh no, I was not precocious
RT: Oh come on, I'm two and a half (mimics playing the piano, Tori and audience laugh)
RT: Were you nerdy as a kid (audience laugh) nerdy is good
TA: Well, Nerd is very good Ryan, nerd is cute
RT: Nerd is a good thing
TA: No, I know, I married nerd
RT: Oh good!
TA: But...
RT: You got great taste
TA: But nerd with good calves and all that kinda thing
RT: Oh steady on, I only asked you about being nerdy (audience and Tori laugh) and listen what about the house in Cork?
TA: Calves are good
RT: Calves?
TA: They are important
RT: No, I appreciate that, are we talking bovine or the physical side of the human body of..
TA: Physical
RT: ...of the man
TA: Yeah, the man. Nerds with calves
RT: Okay
TA: Yeah
RT: So, tell us a bit about the house in Cork. Are you still coming and going to Cork?
TA: Yeah, of course
RT: Whereabouts are you in Cork?
TA: Ahem, Kinsale
RT: Oh Kinsale, a beautiful part of the world
TA: Yeah, gorgeous, yeah
RT: And why did you pick there?
TA: Because, ahem, you know I'll be honest with you, I knew I had to come here and be able to write music and so I do, I come in and out and write a lot actually, here
RT: And Damien Rice is featuring on the new album as well
TA: Yes, he's heaven
RT: A local hero
TA: Yes
RT: How did you manage to hook up with him?
TA: Well, I heard his voice and just the idea of a man saying the words the power of orange knickers was irresistible
RT: Really
TA: Yeah
RT: Simple as that
TA: Yeah, really
RT: And you are coming back to tour in Dublin soon, so we are looking forward to seeing you
TA: Yeah, it's been a long time
RT: Yeah, it's about time, lots of people looking forward to seeing you
TA: Good!
RT: But ahem, it's really good to see you and thanks for coming in and playing so beautifully for us this evening on the show
TA: And you Ryan,
RT: Nice to see you, Tori Amos ladies and gentlemen (audience applaud)
TA: Thank you
RT: Okay, you can catch Tori Amos on tour in Ireland this summer.

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