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10 Dutch Beekeeper reviews/interviews

Updated Mon, Mar 07, 2005 - 1:28am ET

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Ruud has summarized for us some of the latest Beekeeper related reviews and interviews that have appeared in the Dutch press. Click to see this summary, and a link to some of the Dutch sites that contain the articles.

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Beekeeper articles in Dutch written media (updated and ordered by date):

All the links below lead to web sites that are in Dutch!

De Standaard, 19 feb 2005 (interview) [BE]
[Dorian Lynskey, The Guardian, translation: Home Office]

Het Nieuwsblad, 19 feb 2005 (album review) [BE]

Algemeen Dagblad, 22 feb 2005 (article/interview)

Het Parool, 22 feb 2005 (in the "kunst" section)
(album review)

Humo, issue 3364, 22 feb 2005, page 170/171 [BE]

Nieuwe Revu, issue 9, 23 feb-1 mar 2005, page 44/45
(part album review, part interview, part opinion on Tori in general)

De Telegraaf, 27 feb 2005
(album review)

Elsevier, nr 8, 28 feb 2005, page 92/93

Oor, issue 2, march 2005, page 82
(part album review, part interview)

Humo, issue 3365, 1 mar 2005 (album review) [BE]

[BE] = Belgian, but written in Dutch, the others are from the Netherlands

Posted by: Mikewhy

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