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Details and photos from Tori's March 3, 2005 CD signing at The Bijenkorf in The Netherlands

Updated Sat, Mar 05, 2005 - 3:06pm ET

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On Thursday, March 3, 2005, Tori was in Amsterdam, The Netherlands to do a CD signing at a big Dutch department store called The Bijenkorf (which literally means: 'The Bee Hive'). The event began at 7:00pm and there were about 130 people there. I have some nice photos from the CD signing and some additional details from people who were there.

More Details

Photos from the CD Signing

This first batch of photos is from Scarlett. Some of the photos show Tori with her.

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Here is an additional photo from Anne.


Additional Details

You can see a video from the CD signing from FTV Video. You can click here to directly link to the Windows Media File. Thanks to Kris for pointing this out to me.

From Martijn:

There were only 100 people allowed, but there were about 130 people and all of them got something signed. She signed my "Boys For Pele" CD booklet, so I'm a happy camper. I had never 'met' here before and even though it was very short and my picture with her sucked, it was really nice.

From Anne:

My best friend was there... anyway, he said Tori's hair was really red! Also he got in 3 kisses with Tori! The typical Dutch greeting, so cool.. Tori totally went for it.. He had her sign 2 copies of a picture of he and I and told her this is my friend from Baltimore, which caught her by surprise.

From Remco:

I just returned from the signing in Amsterdam. She looked beautiful and smelled like cinnamon.... There turned out to be quite a number of people, seeing it was only communicated yesterday night very low key...

Everyone in the queue talked about the dent and how great it is, so two thumbs up for you.

From Kris:

Tori signed my Beekeeper and took the time for a short talk. She said she started appreciating Y cant Tori read more and more lately and will perform some song of that one the next tour.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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