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Details about Tori's interview on the morning show Arbeidsvitaminen on Radio 3FM in The Netherlands
March 4, 2005

Updated Sat, Mar 05, 2005 - 2:12pm ET

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On Friday, March 4, 2005, Tori went to Radio 3FM in Hilversum, The Netherlands and was interviewed on the morning radio show Arbeidsvitaminen. You can see a photo of Tori with DJ Gerard who interviewed her at the Radio 3FM web site. For about a week, you can also listen to the interview online at Once at the web site, find the menu on the left. Under "3fm on air" click on "uitzending gemist?" Then pick "Arbeidsvitaminen" (4th section) and choose Friday (which is vrijdag.) Realplayer starts up and starts playing the 3 hour broadcast. You can scroll to 2hrs 09mins where the Tori part begins. Here is a direct link that hopefully will immediately bring up the Realplayer audio stream. It was a fun interview! If anyone has a written transcription of the interview, please send it to The Dent. Thanks to Remco, Alexandra Ekkelenkamp, and choirboy87 for the details.

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