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Beekeeper review from the Los Angeles Daily News
February 25, 2005

Updated Mon, Feb 28, 2005 - 12:22am ET

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There is a 3 out of 4 star review of The Beekeeper in the February 25, 2005 edition of the Los Angeles Daily News.

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Thanks to Johnny Endicott for informing me about this. You can read the review below:

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**** Every One's A Winner
*** Good Vibrations
** Little Bit 'O Soul
* Let it Be

TORI AMOS: "The Beekeeper" (Epic) ***
-- Rob Lowman

Judging by this new disc, it seems that Amos has found a bit of inner peace. Gone is the bombast that marked previous albums. But Amos is still capable of singing with authority and displaying her biting wit and feminist concerns as she does on "Original Sinsuality".

Accompanying herself solo on piano, Amos tackles the Bible's concept of original sin. The difference here is that she keeps it short rather than hammering her point home. "The Beekeeper", filled with lovely melodies and touches of soul and rock, is easy on the ear. The arrangements themselves -- augmented by her sensuous electric organ playing -- reflect the ease of Amos' approach: nothing overdone, overproduced. Even her dreamy lyrics have a spaciousness to them, leaving room for direct emotion and a few dollops of humor.

There isn't a bad track on the album -- the title song and "Witness" are just a few of the good ones. But there are also too many average songs. Had Amos pared a few of the 19 cuts on the overgenerous "Beekeeper", it would have had more impact.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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