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Review of The Beekeeper from The Toledo Blade
February 27, 2005

Updated Sun, Feb 27, 2005 - 6:07pm ET

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Read a review of The Beekeeper from the February 27, 2005 edition of The Toldeo Blade.

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CD reviews: 'The Beekeeper' a sweet effort from Amos

THE BEEKEEPER Tori Amos (Sony)
Since she emerged on the alternative music scene 15 years ago, Tori Amos has overflowed with concepts that have formed the core of virtually all her releases, each of them centering on the basic theme of womanhood while approaching it from different angles.

Her ambitious approach makes her bravely willing to fail spectacularly as she did on her most recent release, the difficult collection of covers "Strange Little Girls," or successfully carve out new singer/songwriter ground on her debut.

"The Beekeeper" is predictably complex, divided into six "gardens," and according to her record company " 'The Beekeeper' has to do with bringing together disparate pieces and attaining wholeness without deferring to hierarchies or power structures."

All that, and fables, allegories, and a handful of biblical references that have to do with nothing less than a woman's place in the universe. But, stripped down to a piece of music, "The Beekeeper" also is one of Amos' most friendly and melodic releases. She lifts the veil on all the spiritual mumbo jumbo with a set of 19 songs that feature her trademark piano ballads, playful sensuality -- especially on "The Power of Orange Knickers," which sounds like something XTC would record -- and complex arrangements.

Thankfully the back story of coming storms, what "The Beekeeper" really means as a metaphor -- something about the "players in the cycle of life" -- and getting lost in the garden are not necessary to appreciate this strong set of music.


Posted by: Mikewhy

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