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Beekeeper review from The Washington Blade
February 25, 2005

Updated Sun, Feb 27, 2005 - 4:52pm ET

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You can find a review of The Beekeeper in the February 25, 2005 edition of The Washington Blade newspaper in Washington, D.C.

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Thanks to menju56 for sending this to me. You can read this review online at or below:

Ladies with attitude
by Yusef Najafi

ON THE OPENING track of Tori Amos's latest album, "The Beekeeper," the 41-year-old pianist/singer describes a life-changing experience: "I haven't moved since the call came/ I stare at the wall knowing on the other side/ The storm that waits for me," she sings on "Parasol."

Then comes the chorus, which talks about a seated woman with a parasol being the "only one you can't betray."

Confused? Don't fret -- you're not alone. Amos's metaphor-laden lyrics have become a trademark in the singer's long career.

She started out as a piano player at various locations in D.C.'s very own Georgetown during the early '80s, and released her much-anticipated eighth album, "The Beekeeper," on Feb. 22. The CD spins similar stories and melodies to her 2002 outing, "Scarlet's Walk."

This time Amos invites Irish singer/songwriter Damien Rice along. He garnered national attention last year for his critically acclaimed album "O," which features "The Blower's Daughter," now heard in the movie "Closer."

Fans of Amos's 1996 release "Boys for Pele," will find solace in "Barons of Suburbia," in which she belts out the final few words of the song in much of that album's organic style.

Despite sounding similar to its musical predecessor, "The Beekeeper" doesn't disappoint. The 19 original songs, which Amos recorded and produced by herself, are reminiscent of her live performances.

Like on "Scarlet's Walk," bassist Jon Evans and drummer Matt Chamberlain, who usually join her on stage, appear on this album as well.

The article then goes on to review the album Surrender Dorothy by Alana Davis.

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