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Review of The Beekeeper from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer
February 22, 2005

Updated Wed, Feb 23, 2005 - 12:11pm ET

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There is a review of The Beekeeper from the February 22, 2005 edition of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. They give the album an A.

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This Week's Hot CD: Tori Amos' 'The Beekeeper'

The Beekeeper (Epic)

Can the daughter of a Methodist minister reconcile the rifts in American society by examining male-female relationships through a study of the Gnostic gospels? No, but they can be fertile inspiration for an album, and "The Beekeeper" is as dense and rich as they come.

There is plenty to mull over, from the "seated woman with a parasol" of the opening track to the mysterious beekeeper who haunts the title song. In addition to piano, Amos plays Hammond B3 on several tracks, giving a gospel edge to such material as "Witness," with the London Community Gospel Choir providing harmonies.

Another highlight is a duet with Damien Rice on "The Power of Orange Knickers," in which Amos defines terrorists as "those girls that smile kindly/ then rip your life to pieces." Drummer Matt Chamberlain keeps the rhythms fluid beneath Amos' intelligently developed motifs, making the CD as musically exciting as it is lyrically challenging. (Bill White)


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