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Review of The Beekeeper album from
February 18, 2005

Updated Tue, Feb 22, 2005 - 5:33am ET

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Get ready to start unravelling the hidden clues and meanings because Tori Amos is back. You're once again invited into her twisted world which is rich in melody, atmosphere and Kate Bush-in-therapy vocals.

The first single Sleeps With Butterflies is a quite restrained piano/acoustic guitar-led song with a chorus that soars effortlessly. Only Amos could come up with titles such as The Power Of Orange Knickers but surprisingly that's one of the most immediate songs here and Damien Rice joins her on vocals to interesting effect.

The Beekeeper was recorded in the studio built next to Amos' Cornwall home and the songs have a refreshingly underproduced sound which allows her voice to cut through. This gives the songs an honest feel and the singer an air of vulnerability which is welcome even when you might feel slightly embarrassed for her.

It's a long album featuring 19 tracks, which, it's probably fair to say, contains a regular size album worth of good Tori Amos material .

Posted by: Mikewhy

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