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Beekeeper review from NEW! in the U.K.
February 28, 2005

Updated Tue, Feb 22, 2005 - 5:25am ET

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Andrew tells me that a publication called New! in the U.K. published a review of The Beekeeper in their February 28, 2005 issue.

More Details

The album is given 3 stars.

What you need to know...
Honey-voiced pianist and singer is back after a two-year break.

First Impressions...
rarely one to strike out in a different direction, Tori Amos' latest album contains 19 tracks of familiar , piano driven songwriting. She has, however, refined her sound and, as the jazzy 'witness' proves, has taken on a few extra influences, but this is still the same Tori of old. The ballad 'Ribbons Undone' is one of her best ever, and fans will no dount be thrilled to receive more of the same.

You'll like this if you like...
Fellow piano popsters Vanessa Carlton and Keane.

Our Favourite Track...
'Witness' - smoky jazz and soulful pop combine to fine effect

Did you know...?
THE BEEKEEPER was recorded in a barn on on the farm in Cornwall where Tori lives with hubby Mark and daughter Natashya

New! Verdict...
Parted company with Tori in the mid-90's? Well, she hasn't changed much.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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