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Billboard's review of The Beekeeper
February 26, 2005

Updated Sat, Feb 19, 2005 - 5:12am ET

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 Entry Page has posted a review of The Beekeeper. This review also appears in the February 26, 2005 issue of the magazine. Thanks to Peter Zimmerman for telling me about it.

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Album Title: The Beekeeper
Producer(s): Tori Amos
Genre: ROCK
Label/Catalog Number: Epic EK 92800
Release Date: Feb. 22
Source: Billboard Magazine
Originally Reviewed: February 26, 2005

With her new album, Tori Amos delivers some of the most accessible music of her career, coupled with beautifully obscure lyrics. More adventurous top 40 PDs could spin "The Power of Orange Knickers" or "Cars and Guitars" and finally bring her some much-deserved airtime. As a whole, though, "The Beekeeper" doesn't passionately smolder like previous outings, instead shooting off bright sparks ("Original Sinsuality") and damping the flame ("Ribbons Undone") in equal measure. The grave title cut underscores its theme of death with buzzing noises that sound like a sinister infestation. The London Community Gospel Choir accompanies the artist on several tracks, heightening the sensual slink of "Sweet the Sting" and "Hoochie Woman." Per tradition, Amos closes the proceedings with a poignant goodbye, the ballad "Toast."--CLT

Posted by: Mikewhy

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