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Small Tori interview and a review of The Beekeeper in Uncut Magazine
March 2005

Updated Sun, Feb 06, 2005 - 9:43pm ET

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The March 2005 issue of Uncut Magazine in the U.K. includes a small interview with Tori and a review of her new album The Beekeeper. Click to read all this!

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Thanks to BarbaraKirk for sending this to me. The longer, more unedited version of the interview you see below can be found online at


Tori Amos
Chas 'N Dave loving songbird

DESERT ISLAND DISC: My husband bought me a B3 Hammond organ for Christmas last year, so I've been listening to Jimmy Smith's The Sermon. It's incredibly funky.

BEDTIME READING: The last book that really touched me was The Shamanic Way Of The Bee by Simon Buxton. It's a really profound and interesting story about the whole process of bee-keeping. It definitely inspired and influenced parts of my new album.

ESSENTIAL VIEWING: At the minute, because it's winter, it has to be White Christmas with Bing Crosby. A lot of films from that era haven't aged well, but when I watched it recently I was amazed by how poignant and relevant the story still was.

GUILTY PLEASURE: I wouldn't choose to go and see it at the cinema, but I often end up watching Harry Potter films with my daughter. She's only four, so she's transfixed by the special effects and the different characters. Me, I secretly enjoy listening to the score.

PET HATE: Bad cover versions. I'm not pointing the finger at any particular artist. I just don't see the point of covering other people's songs unless you're going to do something imaginative to them. The whole point of my covers album, Strange Little Girls, or the Chas 'N Dave covers (B-side to 1996's Caught A Lite Sneeze), was to reinterpret those songs from a woman's perspective.

Interview: Sarah-Jane

Beekeeper Album Review
Tori Amos
The Beekeeper
Sony BMG

Thirteen years on from Little Earthquakes, Tori finds top form

For all her debt to Kate Bush, Amos can claim to have led the 90's stampede of female mavericks. Now settled in the UK, she can do her own thing. Pre-Raphaelite florid, abstract or frankly sexual, this eclectic epic is her best since '94's Under The Pink. There's rich drama to Parasol and The Power Of Orange Knickers , featuring Damien Rice, has swaggering momentum. The tense title song reminds of the atmosphere on Jane Siberry's The Walking - Amos has never been in rangier voice.


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