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Review of The Beekeeper in the U.K. magazine Attitude
February 2005

Updated Thu, Jan 27, 2005 - 1:00am ET

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Gavinj tells me there is a review of The Beekeeper in the February 2005 issue of U.K. magazine Attitude. The review was accompanied by a picture of Tori from one of the Beekeeper photo shoots and was given 4.5 stars out of a possible 5. Click to read the review.

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Here is the review:

Its been a while since Miss Amos has occupied pops centrestage. Not that her musical output has been anything less than consistent-indeed her last studio album, 2002`s sprawling travelogue Scarlets Walk was arguably the pinnacle of her artistry and ambition-but it seems the mainstream has all but forgotten our enchantress. The Beekeeper may just change all that. Clocking in at just under 80mins, it even surpasses her last outing in sheer epic-ness, but theres little doubt that this is her most accessible work for years. Featuring a hot, often funky live band sound, Tori has produced an album that will keep the more adventurous radio programmers out there happy and leave her fans breathless. The sexy strut of Sweet The Sting, complete with southern gospel choir, runs a close second only to the hypnotic Cars and Guitars as a potential hit-in-making. And they`re not alone: the jazzy sway and down low organ growls of witness, the voodoo-boogaloo of Hoochie Woman and the Daimen Rice co-vocalled The Power Of Orange Knickers (yes really) are all amongst Amos` most instantly gratifying tunes since days of From The Choirgirl Hotel. Sony have opted for the languid beauty of Sleeps With Butterflies as lead US single, which given the right marketing push could well prove a shrewd move, its crystalline melody appealing as much to the Coldplay/Dido set as it will to hardcore Tori-philes. In fact there are enough candidates for Tori classics among these nineteen songs to have her devotees rubbing hands together in glee-take General Joy with its lilting piano and shifting rhythms or Original Sinsuality-one of those amazing voice and piano movements that just melt your heart. And just in case you were worried shes grown out of the inspired insanity that made you fall in love with her in the first place, shes planning to give away packets of wild flower seeds with early copies of the cd. Shes back. You ready?

Elia Rulli

Posted by: Mikewhy

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