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Updated Wed, Jan 26, 2005 - 3:38am ET

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If you go to, and then click on the Tori banner on the right of the page, you will be able to hear a short recorded message from Tori as well as her single Sleeps With Butterflies. Tori basically mentions the Special Edition version of The Beekeeper and confirms that her tour begins on April 1, 2005! Sadly, I was unable to get this message to play on a Macintosh... Thanks to Kendra, Beverly, Angela (ShiseidoRed) and Jason (yessaid) for telling me about this. If you have a Mac and can not hear Tori's message, click the details link and you can see a transcript of what Tori says.

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Here is a transcript of Tori's greeting. Thanks to Lily for sending it to The Dent!

hey there
i'm tori amos
have a listen to sleeps with butterflies from my new album the beekeeper
which comes out on feb 22
as a present to everybody we've added the bonus dvd to the special package
in which you'll see me describe the songs and see behind the scenes footage of the photo shoot
as well as an exclusive extra track called Garland
i start my us tour april 1
and look forward to seeing you then
all the best
signing off

Posted by: Mikewhy

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