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Tentative Tour Dates for Tori in April 2005!

Updated Wed, Jan 26, 2005 - 3:40am ET

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NeilQuinn sent me a special 'One Sheet' for Tori's new album The Beekeeper. This is a special sheet of information that is sent out to record retailers right before an album is released to tell them about the release and some of the promotion taking place. This sheet mainly covered information we already knew, but did list a tentative tour schedule to Tori's solo tour in April 2005! These dates do not list venues, and should be considered strictly tentative and unofficial until we hear more. But since many retailers have been sent this information, I feel it is okay to post it here. Remember, this is for the solo tour. We have been told there will be a tour with the band in the summer, and then we will see more tour dates.

April 1 - Tampa, FL
April 3 - Orlando, FL
April 4 - Atlanta, GA
April 6 - Washington, DC
April 8 - New York, NY
April 11 - Philadelphia, PA
April 12 - Boston, MA
April 15 - Chicago, IL
April 17 - Dallas, TX
April 19 - Denver, CO
April 22 - Seattle, WA
April 24 - San Francisco, CA
April 25 - Los Angeles, CA

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Posted by: Mikewhy

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