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Updated Mon, Jan 10, 2005 - 1:19am ET

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Kyall Glennie alerted me to an interview with producer/remixer Armand Van Helden which appeared online at sometime during 2004. On page three of this interview with DJ Ron Slomowicz, Tori is mentioned in relation to Armand's remix of Professional Widow.

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Here is the portion of the interview where Tori is discussed. You can read the entire interview online at

RS: I want to ask you about some of your older remixes. Did you know that your mix of Tori Amos "Professional Widow" is on her greatest hits album?

AVH: Yes, I did know that and I'm very happy she did that. She didn't have to do that that and it must have been her move because she's actually very hands-on with whatever has her name on it. She's actually one of the artists I did talk to on the phone. When the record went number one overseas, she called to thank me. Some artists are like that but most aren't.

RS: It makes you feel good to see that on the compilation?

AVH: Oh, yes. I didn't even know, I was the last person to know, I had actually gotten the info from some family members. But yes, to me that's all good.

RS: What was your reaction to the whole Dirty Rotten Scoundrels/Lisa Stansfield thing that just basically ripped off your mix?

AVH: What do you mean?

RS: The week that the Tori Amos came out in the UK, the Lisa Stansfield bootleg which ripped off the same exact sound, how did you react to that?

AVH: Oh those sort of mashup things don't bother me. You know they're not like a big thing. I buy so much and I collect some, but they usually suck. Even though people play them, they're they're just for the moment novelty type stuff, it doesn't bother me. I don't like it when people flat out bootleg something that I put out. When we were going to put out Flowers, it accidentally got leaked. I gave it to the guy who sang it, he gave it to David Morales and next thing you know it's at a distributor.

When something's about to be a bootleg, like somebody's going to press them and get $25,000 from the distributor, that's not cool. I made this song and you're putting it out before I could even figure out where it's going and that will hurt me. But in terms of mashup things, they never bothered me. I remember when the speed garage thing came out, I think every one of those records had one of my beats on it and I didn't give a shit.

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