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The Dent urges all its readers to financially support the South Asia Tsunami Relief Efforts

Updated Fri, Dec 31, 2004 - 3:23pm ET

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The tragedy created by the Southeast Asia/Indian Ocean tsunamis is horrible and almost beyond comprehension. The death toll, which is over 155,000 people, keeps rising. My New Years message to you this year is to ask all the readers of The Dent to contribute to the relief efforts if at all possible. You can help those affected by the tsunamis and the humanitarian crisis it has created, by making a financial gift to one of the organizations listed below. (There are actually a very large number of organizations accepting donations, but these are 3 really good ones.) The first two, Oxfam and Unicef, are International and have forms to accept money from many various countries and currencies. Your contribution will aid in the massive humanitarian effort that is needed to bring relief and hope to all the people effected, and to help prevent the spread of disease and hunger. So as you go about celebrating the arrival of a new year, please take the time to help others who are living a nightmare and are just struggling to survive. Thank you so much.

Click on these links to make a financial contribution:

Donate from the United States
Donate from other countries

Donate from the United States
Donate from other countries

American Red Cross
Donate to the American Red Cross

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