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More exciting details about The Beekeeper from The Tori Store, including the contents of the Special Packaging Edition!

Updated Thu, Dec 23, 2004 - 9:47pm ET

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The Tori Store at has revealed more details about Tori's upcoming album The Beekeeper, and has also detailed the content of the Special Edition of The Beekeeper. First of all, the store reveals that the song The Power of Orange Knickers features the vocals of Damien Rice! ( I earlier called this a duet, and I still think it will be something like that, but since the site did not say duet, I will refrain as well until we find out for sure. But his vocals are part of the song.) Secondly, the Special Edition version of the album, which the Tori Store calls the Special Packaging Edition, will contain "a Bonus DVD of over 25 minutes of interview footage as Tori talks about the songs and their origins as well as a unique glimpse behind the scenes at the photo shoot for The Beekeeper. The DVD also features the bonus track Garlands set to exclusive content from Tori's upcoming book, Piece by Piece, including photographs and text. The Special Packaging also includes a seed packet with a wild flower mix prepared especially for The Beekeeper." Finally, The Tori Store is offering fans a chance to pre-order either the regular version of The Beekeeper or The Special Packaging Edition. I have added this to The Dent's Beekeeper Page as well. Exciting news!

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