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You can now pre-order Tori's upcoming new album "The Beekeeper" at and from various online Australian vendors

Updated Mon, Dec 06, 2004 - 12:41am ET

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I earlier reported that you can pre-order Tori's upcoming new album The Beekeeper through (Thanks Graham Thomas.) The U.K. release date is February 21, 2005, and if you pre-order the album using any link on the Dent, you will also help to financially support this web site! This is likely the regular version of the album and not the limited edition we have also heard will be released.

I have also been informed by Daniel Nolan and Sarah Banks that Australian Toriphiles can pre-order the album from both and at It is not clear if this is the regular or limited edition of The Beekeeper. The Australian release date should also be February 21, 2005, although Kdisc is saying February 18th, which I do not think is correct.

None of these sites have posted artwork or the official track listing yet. A listing for The Beekeeper is not yet listed at the U.S. based, but it should be soon.

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Posted by: Mikewhy

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