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Updated Sat, Oct 30, 2004 - 2:38am ET

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More articles about Tori's new album The Beekeeper were posted on October 29, 2004 and October 30, 2004 at,, and They are just variations on the new album press release I posted about earlier and do not reveal anything new. The Billboard article however does give sales figures for Tori's most recent releases. Scarlet's Walk has sold 577,000 copies in the United States so far, and Welcome to Sunny Florida has sold 41,000 copies according to Soundscan. Thanks Megan, Rudy, and Peter for their help with this.

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Since these article mainly duplicate the content of the official Sony Press Release, I will not post them all here. You can follow the links above to read them. Here is the one posted to on October 29, 2004:

Tori Wraps "Beekeeper"
Singer-songwriter to release album, book in February

After two years out of the spotlight, singer-songwriter Tori Amos is wrapping up her eighth album, The Beekeeper, due February 22nd.

Amos experiments with vintage organs, a gospel choir and Afro-Cuban drums, on tracks such as "Ribbons Undone," "Sleeps with Butterflies" and "Sweet the Sting." She is collaborating again with bassist John Evans and drummer Matt Chamberlain and is producing the record herself in her U.K. studio Martian Engineering.

The album title may be a nod to "The Beekeeper's Daughter," a poem by one of Amos' favorite authors, Sylvia Plath.

Just before The Beekeeper hits stores, Amos will become an author herself, when she releases her autobiography, Tori Amos: Piece by Piece, co-written by music journalist Ann Powers, on February 8th.


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