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'Tori Amos Sound Check' on Direct TV Channel 30 on March 1 & 2, 2003

Updated Fri, Feb 28, 2003 - 5:11pm ET

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Kevin and Michael Schueller tell me that there will be a program on DirectTV Channel 30 called 'Tori Amos Sound Check' on Saturday, March 1, 2003 and again on Sunday, March 2, 2002. (This actually seems to translate to channel 802 on the receiver.) It is on in the afternoon both days, but I do not list a time because I am getting conflicting times and I don't want to mislead anyone. Please check your local listings for the exact time. This is a digital music-only channel and the show lasts for 30 minutes. The description mentions it is a special dealing with Scarlet's Walk, which is not too helpful. Some think it may be an audio version of part of the MusicChoice concert recently broadcast by Time Warner cable, but we are not sure.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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