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Read a positive review of WTSF from WOM magazine in Germany
July 2004

Updated Wed, Jul 21, 2004 - 9:15pm ET

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The July 2004 issue of WOM Magazine (#239) in Germany includes a positive review of Welcome To Sunny Florida where it is given 5 out of 5 stars. This magazine is published by the German music store chain WOM. The review/article is in German, but I now have an English translation you can read. Thanks to Nicole for the translation and to Mikael Jergefelt for first telling me about the review.

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Here is the review translated from German into English. The article is accompanied by a Scarlet era picture of Tori in a green dress at a kitchen table. The subtitle to the picture reads, "Beautiful woman, great singer: Tori Amos".

Tori Amos: Only the Best for Mom and Dad
"She played wonderfully already as a child." Marie Amos, Tori's mother, must know what she is talking about. The white-haired woman talks animatedly about her daughter's childhood, how good she played Mozart, those days at the conservatory. It is the 4th of September last year. Marie Amos visits the last evening of the "Scarlett's (sic) Walk Tour" at the Sound Advice Amphitheatre in Palm Beach, Florida. It has been a wonderful show. It has been recorded and is now available as dvd. Accompanied by drummer Matt Chamberlain and guitarist John Evans, the key virtuose plays 18 songs. Naturally, "Cornflake Girl", "Father Lucifer" and "Professional Widow" as well.
Tori Amos is not afraid of closeness. We experience her backstage, shortly before the show starts,  as she takes the members of her band in her arms or as she chats with the audience like with a best friend. The fans have their word as well. 125 concerts has one girl seen. Tori's worshippers are loyal. Why, shows Tori on stage: her performance is intensive, captivating (gripping?).  She plays with closed eyes, breaths heavily, fights with the piano and with her "children". Those have grown up, have developed. The debut song "Cornflake Girl" has in the newest version not much in common with the original song anymore.  She speaks of composition, sound, structure. And of honesty towards music and one's self. ("You can't become someone you are not. You can't!" ) There are six more unreleased songs (Scarlett's Hidden Secrets- sic) added to the dvd on cd. Great artist. Great package. 

Tori Amos stands for more than just brilliant songwriting, a great voice and superb shows. Even her concept for the DVD medium is far ahead".

5 Stars

Posted by: Mikewhy

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