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A review of 'Welcome To Sunny Florida' in Classic Rock magazine in the U.K.
August 2004

Updated Sun, Jul 18, 2004 - 3:49pm ET

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The August 2004 issue of the U.K. magazine Classic Rock includes a review of Tori's Welcome To Sunny Forida DVD.

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Many thanks to Barbara Kirk for sending this review to me.

Mad? As A Fox
Lady Legs-akimbo: ginger, yes, nuts, probably

'Is she really loopy or is it all an act? Dip into the Tori interview that's one of many extras on her first official concert DVD, and you may find that the jury's still out. For Amos, you see, song-writing is akin to 'this soul from another space visiting you, and you have to put it in a form that people in this dimension can understand.' Right-o, love, been watching Blake's 7 again, have we?

Bonkers Amos may be, but she always gives excellent value for money: this package includes a bonus CD of previously-unreleased (and decent) studio tracks, 'Scarlet's Hidden Treasures', and on the live concert footage - it was recorded on the Scarlet's Walk tour in September 2003 - both sound and picture are excellent.

The lasting impressions are of the fervour of Tori's fan base (one nerd concedes that she's seen her heroine 125 times!) and of the absolute professionalism of La Amos in full, legs akimbo, 'I'm Rick Wakeman, me', flow. Entertaining, too, when an interview with Tori's surprisingly demure mom, Mary, is gatecrashed by her mischievous-seeming pa, the Reverend Amos.'

*** (out of 5)

(James Halbert, Classic Rock, August 2004)

Posted by: Mikewhy

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