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Reviews of 'Welcome To Sunny Florida' from the Italian magazines MUSICA! and TUTTO MUSICA
Summer 2004

Updated Wed, Jul 07, 2004 - 11:22pm ET

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I have reviews of Tori's DVD Welcome To Sunny Florida from two Italian Magazine, MUSICA! and TUTTO MUSICA.

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DANIfromTORIno has kindly sent to The Dent two reviews of Welcome To Sunny Florida. They both come from Italian magazines, and have been translated from Italian into English. The Dent thanks him for his efforts!

Review from MUSICA! (#419) - 3rd June 2004

MUSICA! is the weekly music magazine of the newspaper "La Repubblica". Musica! is a very serious music magazine. Every week they review 7 musical DVDs and one is called the "DVD of the Week". Tori's is labeled as the DVD of the week in this issue:

TORI AMOS "Welcome to Sunny Florida" SONY
time: 179'
Options: Dolby Digital 5.1 S.S.
Language: English
Subtitles: Nothing
Bonus: interviews, audio cd

The sophisticated Myra Ellen (most known as Tori Amos) live, for the first time on dvd. The concert, taped on 4th September 2003 at Sound Advice Amphitheater in West Palm Beach, reflects in the best way her magnetic personality, her interpretative talent and the versality of her songwriting. Tori practises the art of disenchantment and she consigns herself "bare" to her public, care behind her piano. She walks with grace in intimism, and also when she adopts musically the resources of technology (in concert she exploits the reinforce of sampling) she makes it with sobriety. Tracklist dispenses her variable mood with lightness. Three episodes belong to magnificent debut album "Little Earthquakes", and step by step it goes up to "Scarlet's Walk", closing with encores (the new Tombigbee, Amber Waves and Hey Jupiter). Cameras stay on her close-ups and the fading editing exalts elegant chromatism of the light show. In addition to sounds and images of her long concert, dvd offers also an interview to the singer, scenes from backstage and an audio cd with six new tracks.


Review from TUTTO MUSICA (#8) July/August 2004

3 stars of 5

If you want to enter into the magic Tori's world, you have to relish this dvd that offers you an entire concert taped in Florida.

The first impression, after seeing it on video, is that Tori Amos is one of the few artist gifted with talent and... charm! You remain bewitched for her personal way of sing and for atmosphere that she is able to create. The concert was taped in Florida at Sound Advice Amphitheatre of West Pal Beach on september 2003. It contains the entire career of the artist: from Cornflake Girl to Professional Widow, from Hey Jupiter to Crucify. Particular accuracy was put into tracks' remixing and you can notice it if you have a surround system. Moreover, to deepen the knownledge about Tori, dvd proposes an interview and a bonus cd titled Scarlet's Hidden Treasures. Truly an unfailing sweatie, especially for the greedy fans. Most beautiful tracks are Indian Summer, Apollo's Frock and Ruby through the looking glass.


Posted by: Mikewhy

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