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Review of 'Welcome To Sunny Florida' in the UK Times

Updated Fri, Jun 04, 2004 - 2:29am ET

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There is a review of Welcome To Sunny Florida in the U.K. Times from May 29, 2004. The DVD is given 4-stars while the extras on the DVD and the CD are given 3-stars.

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Many thanks to Lucy for being the first to send this to me. You can read the review below:

Review By Nigel Williamson

Out to buy: On DVD

From the days of that notorious CD cover depicting her suckling a pig, Tori Amos has always lent a highly developed sense of the visual to her music. Her last album, Scarlet's Walk, traced a complex story that was, in effect, a musical screenplay without the accompanying film. You wonder, therefore, why it has taken her so long to make her first DVD.

Given her propensity for the experimental, the second surprise is that she has opted for a somewhat conventional in-concert format, built around an 18-song show filmed in Florida last year, without a suckling pig in sight. But then, Amos is a performer of such intensity that her stage show is a melodrama in itself. It's hard to think of anyone in contemporary music who squeezes quite so much out of themselves on stage. Beautifully directed, Welcome to Sunny Florida has some wonderful cinematic touches, none more striking than the way in which Amos's reflection is picked out in the polished lid of her grand piano to create a veneered effect that makes her look like an animated Pre-Raphaelite oil painting.

Technically, there won't be a better music film this year. The performance itself is cathartic. **** (4-stars)

DVD extras Extended interview; photographic "tour yearbook"; bonus CD with six previously unreleased songs *** (3-stars)

Posted by: Mikewhy

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