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A report from the London, U.K. screening of 'Welcome To Sunny Florida'

Updated Fri, May 28, 2004 - 3:14am ET

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As reported on The Dent, there was a screening of Tori's new DVD Welcome To Sunny Florida on May 17, 2004 in London, U.K. at Covent Garden Odeon. I have a report from this screening from Elizabeth (beth) who was there.

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This event was details in this UK Press Release. Here is a report from the event:

From Elizabeth (beth):

exhausted tori fan just got back from a "Welcome to Sunny Florida" screening at the Covent Garden Odeon in london. good to see that many people took advantage of this fabulous offer. It makes up for having a later DVD date.

I loved it, the DVD was faulty, it skipped straight to the 2nd song and missed out the introduction, the staff played it through to the intro of Crucify before they decided to fess up. Fortunately there was a back up...hooray... Her performances of take to the sky, father lucifer, professional widow and crucify (as always) were passionate, expressive, explosive, simply fabulous...the others were yummy but those ladies were the ones that made the audience twitter.

sadly, the audience didn't seem like they were engaging much, maybe theirs is an internal expression and appreciation.. I took a tori virgin, I wanted her to experience the fabulous community I know we have but people were not as lovely as ....she kept asking me what songs were being played....which is exactly what I did when I saw tori for the first time....

it was gorgeous to see tori attend to her piano on such a huge screen. terrific idea, and now I can't wait to get hold of it.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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