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A report from the San Francisco, CA screening of 'Welcome To Sunny Florida'

Updated Fri, May 28, 2004 - 3:14am ET

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As reported on The Dent, there was a screening of Tori's new DVD Welcome To Sunny Florida on May 17, 2004 in San Francisco, CA at the Sony Metreon Action Theater. I have reports from this screening from people who were there.

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Sorry it took me a while to get this on the Dent, but I was on vacation. The pre-release screening of the DVD took place at the Sony Metreon Action Theater, located at 101 4th Street at Mission in San Francisco, CA at 7:00pm on May 17, 2004. Here are reports from the event:

From anonymous:

They had free posters with DVD purchase (but they were just in a stack at the counter, so people just took 'em), and they raffled off a bunch of copies of Scarlet Stories, and apparently a few ASF promo singles.

The capacity of the Action Theater is 199. There's a bunch of uncomfortable rows of seating, plus chairs on both sides of the area. None of the chairs were used and the rows weren't totally full. I'd say 120-150 people were there, which was a bit surprising given how rabid the fanbase is here. They played Scarlet's Hidden Treasures as we got seated.

It was interesting to hear different reactions from people who have not experienced this show before in a different way...

Little gasps when Tash was first shown
People laughing and chattering after CfG
Laughing at Tori getting her makeup and hair done
Positive reaction to TttS/MMF
Laughing in outrage at ProWidow getting censored; laughter dying down just enough during the audible "-oooock" only to start up again

The theater's subwoofer was quite happy to oblige Jon's bass, and the low end of the piano when it was by itself; however the piano sounded too quiet to me. Tori's voice was very clear over everything though. I didn't like the video editing for the most part. Too chaotic and some weird, completely out of focus, jerking around, or over exposed, shots that went on for too long.

A few good shots in particular that I remember: Tori's hands during the entire bridge of CfG, though sadly not for the extended solo; almost not getting Tori flipping the bird during FL, but they managed to save it and it looked fine; they got the PT crotch grab; dual piano/keyboard action during Concertina and ICSNY; the doubled/repeated shot at the end of, Sugar I think, where Tori spreads her arms out; the backstage footage was well done especially considering how quickly decisions would have to be made on who to focus on, and all shot on foot.

Shot I missed the most: the clouds starkly appearing for the first time in ICSNY, which was only visible in the corner of the screen.

Final verdict...I prefer Soundstage and wish they'd released that, but I'm still happy to have some of my favorite songs to watch whenever I feel like it. I haven't watched the DVD extras yet.

From Rich:
I was also at the preview. I found the DVD to be awesome. It was one of the first times that you can actually hear her voice. They did a great job with the mixing to really showcase it. They only bad thing about the preview was the three ladies sitting behind me that talked loudly threw the entire preview. I held my tongue until Father Lucifer, when I asked them politely if they would mind stop talking so I could enjoy the film. They replied with a fuck off. But it is so nice to Tori on DVD:)

Posted by: Mikewhy

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