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A report from the Atlanta, GA screening of 'Welcome To Sunny Florida'

Updated Fri, May 14, 2004 - 2:53am ET

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As reported on The Dent, there was a screening of Tori's new DVD Welcome To Sunny Florida on May 12, 2004 in Atlanta, GA at The Five Spot in Little Five Points. I have a report from this screening from Juliet who was there!

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This event, organized by Joshua Smith, Retail Coordinator of Sony Music Distribution, was held at a venue with a great sound system and a large drop down screen. Here is a report from someone who attended:

From Juliet:

hi, i just wanted to write and tell you that i was at the screening last night at the 5-spot in Little Five Points, Atlanta, GA for tori's DVD "Welcome to Sunny Florida" I thought all the tori fans might like a little sneak peak at what they'll get to see on the 18th. Before any of the concert is shown, tori is interviewed and also her fans waiting for the show in florida to start are interviewed, AND we are given a back-stage view of what goes on before the show. There were fans that said this was the 125th show or the 72nd show they'd been too-which made me really jealous. tori talked about composing at the age of 14 and how much work she put into it, and she talked about being rejected by so many music record companies because her music was not mainstream enough. So she says about how she tried to conform herself to their standards and as we know, "that went down...very well" This was said with a smile and sort of sarcastically and she was referring of course, to Y Kant Tori Read. So anyway, the back-stage parts were great because we get to see a close up of tori's little girl and we see tori talking to her and then, two minutes before she's set to go on, Tash tells her mother she wants to play "ring around the rosie" so tori and the band and her make-up artist and also, i think, the nanny, engage in a playful game of ring around the rosie with natashya. it's really cute. then, right before she goes on, the film shows us the ritual tori has before she plays at a concert. she has a spiritual shrine set up with candles and she kneels down and prays before it.

I wanted to highlight some of the songs she did during the concert. she performed "Take to the Sky" but it sort of blends into "Muhammad my friend". it was really cool. she just repeated the line, "we both know it was a girl, back in Bethlehem" many times and then it melted back into the ending of "Take to the Sky"

Then, right after this, her make-up artist comes out and starts working on tori, right up on the stage! I guess this was done since they knew that this concert was going to be used to make the DVD so they wanted tori to look good under all the lights. so while she's fixing tori's hair and applying foundation, tori starts improvising. while playing, she sings this question to the audience "what will I do next week?" meaning, when she's home and the tour's all over. she mentions going to ballet class and being in the "driving pool" which i think is the english way for saying "car pool". She says that she'll do her laundry but then smiles and says, "well, that's a lie" and everyone laughs. Her imporvisation eventually becomes "Leather" and she introduces it by singing how she wanted to play it in Atlanta (the last concert i was at!) but it didn't come so she's going to play it now.

I was also so happy to hear "Father Lucifer" which she played after "your cloud" The part where she sings "girls who eat pizza and never gain weight" she flicks the audience off, but the DVD doesn't show her actual finger, just her arm reaching out. Then she sang "Professional Widow" but all the explicitives were cut out. I don't know if the DVD will be like that or if sony simply cut them out of this particular copy meant to be shown as a preview copy. So we'll have to see on the 18th. Anyway, i don't want to explain the whole concert so i'll stop now. Overall it was so so wonderful and the concert atmosphere at the florida concert reminded me a lot of how it was in atlanta where she played two days earlier. she might have even worn the same dress! but i couldn't be sure.

oh, i almost forgot. the title, "welcome to sunny florida" is what one of her crew members said when everyone arrived on the set to get ready for the show. It was a torrential down pour with thunder and lightning and someone, i couldn't tell who, says, "welcome to sunny florida" as a joke. so that's where i'm guessing the title comes from.

one last thing. during the interview, the interviewer is sending off this strange sense of finality, like this is tori's last concert, ever. i don't think this is the case though. but tori said how this concert was the end of her run from "Scarlet's Walk" and so it was obviously a "bittersweet" event. I just hope this isn't the end of all her touring. but tori says that touring is her life, this is what she does. (Note from Mikewhy: I am certain that Tori will tour again!)

Posted by: Mikewhy

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